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12 Modern Kitchen Options to Consider for Your Renovation

Did you know that the renovation market size has exceeded $3.8 trillion?

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve thought about remodeling your kitchen more than once. After all, the kitchen is an essential room in any home. Keeping it modern is every homeowner’s dream.

However, for many homeowners, kitchen renovations remain a pipe dream. Why? Because they are unaware of the numerous kitchen options available on the market today.

It’s your lucky day today. You don’t have to put off your dream kitchen any longer.

Read on to learn about some of the best kitchen remodel ideas today.

1. Replace Upper Cabinets With Shelves

Most traditional kitchens have upper cabinets to store cookware. While the cabinets may be functional, they make large spaces appear small.

Removing your upper kitchen cabinets is the best option for you if your space feels crowded. It’s a good option for homeowners who can’t expand their kitchens outwards.

After removal, you can add hanging shelves for storage purposes. Shelves serve the same functions as cabinets. But, unlike cabinets, they’ll make your kitchen space appear larger.

Have fun with the process. Don’t install your shelves in straight rows and columns. Use apps like Pinterest to get ideas on the most functional hanging shelves.

If you’re stuck, you can visit https://kitchenremodelingmiamidade.com/ for innovative ideas. Sometimes, working with a professional is the best option. Their knowledge and experience allow them to come up with the best ideas.

2. Move to Stainless Steel

There’s something about stainless steel that you can’t ignore. Stainless steel will add flair to any kitchen. It merges in effortlessly with other kitchen appliances, making your kitchen look uniform.

Let’s face it: your granite sink may appear appealing on its own. But it’ll stick out like a sore thumb when viewed together with your kitchen appliances.

You don’t need to worry about this with stainless steel. Luckily, there are stainless steel options for almost all kitchen features.

Stainless steel is also a good option because of its functionality. You can rely on steel appliances regardless of your kitchen’s temperature.

The same cannot be said for materials like iron. It’s near-impossible to use iron appliances when they’re hot.

Stainless steel is also functional in terms of hygiene. You don’t need to follow a specific process when cleaning your kitchen. All you need to do is wipe your kitchen features and appliances to remove stains.

In the grand scheme of things, steel appliances save a lot of time. You also get a beautiful space in the mix. So, there’s no downside to upgrading.

3. Upgrade Your Countertops

Most homeowners underestimate the importance of quality when choosing countertops. There’s this notion that appearance is everything in countertops. But, the idea is faulty.

Your countertops need to be more than just pretty. They need to be functional and sturdy.

Sure, marble countertops look good. But you’ll realize that they are not the best option for a modern kitchen. They are susceptible to cracks and chips, which harbor germs.

This is hazardous because everything in your kitchen goes into your body. Also, over time, the cracks will make your kitchen look unappealing.

There are many countertop options today. There’s no need to settle for subpar when you can get all-rounded value.

Consider quartz instead of less-durable materials like marble. Sure, quartz is expensive. But, it’s a worthwhile investment because of its durability and aesthetics.

4. Consider Energy Efficient Appliances

The modern homeowner looks beyond aesthetics in kitchen renovation. A big part of kitchen renovation involves getting more sustainable appliances and features.

When upgrading your appliances, invest in eco-friendly options. Doing so will help reduce the carbon footprint.

You’ll also save money in the long run. After all, efficient appliances also mean reduced water and energy bills.

5. Install a Tile Wall

If you’re fond of cooking, you know how much of an inconvenience backsplash can be. But it’s unavoidable as food often splatters when cooking.

Sure, your white walls are appealing. But, how much energy and time do you use cleaning them after cooking?

The solution to your problem is quite simple. Install tiles on the walls. Unlike other options, tiles are easy to clean.

All you need is a damp washcloth to clear splatter stains. Tile walls will also save you a lot of money.

With proper maintenance, you’ll not need to replace your tiles for years. But, with a regular back wall, you’ll have to repaint your kitchen quite often.

If you’re worried about tiles interfering with your kitchen’s color scheme, don’t. There are various color and design options on the market today.

If you want to maintain a white theme, you can use white tiles. You also have more design options with tiles because there are patterned choices.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Decorate Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the essential rooms in your home. You spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room. As such, it’s crucial to create an aesthetic appeal.

You can do so by adding various decorative aspects to your space. If you want to go bold, hang some artwork in your kitchen.

There are also many subtle decorative elements. For example, you can display plants on some of your shelves. Or, you can show some of the beautiful cookware you rarely use for fear of damage.

If you’re looking for more functional décor, you can always surround your kitchen island with bar stools. You can also add a flower vase or a fruit bowl at the center of your island.

Your creativity is the only limitation when it comes to décor. But, ensure flammable decorations are as far from heat sources as possible. It’s important to note that 44% of home fires start in the kitchen.

7. Focus on Functionality

The modern kitchen is spacious. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space for your kitchen to look so. All you need to do is keep the necessities in the kitchen.

Everything in your kitchen should fulfill a specific goal. If it doesn’t find storage space elsewhere.

This way, you’ll have enough room to move around. Your space will also look more aesthetically pleasing.

Also, ensure that you place your appliances strategically for easy use. Hire a professional if you’re unsure where to place your appliances.

8. Invest in New Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen lighting is an afterthought for many homeowners. But this should not be the case. Your lighting is as vital as your shelf choices.

The right kitchen lighting options will bring your space together. They’ll also make your kitchen safer.

Don’t be afraid of going bold when choosing fixtures. Gone are the days when a chandelier was considered too much. If you’re going for a sophisticated ambiance, go all the way.

There are also more subtle options. For example, you can install lighting under your cabinets for more illumination. You can also install a dimmer switch to set the mood when you’re relaxing.

9. Upgrade Your Flooring

You cannot renovate your kitchen and forget about your floor. It’s time to swap your vinyl flooring for better options like tiles.

Modern flooring options are durable and easy to maintain. With a tile floor, you don’t need to set a lot of time aside for cleaning. You also don’t need to worry about repairs or replacements for a long time.

Don’t let your flooring pull you back. Consult a professional about your options if necessary.

10. Tear Down Walls

Modern homes have open kitchens. As such, tearing down some partitions may be necessary if you’re going for the natural modern feel.

You can remove partitions, so you have a view of your dining or living rooms. This way, you can enjoy family time while cooking.

But this is an option for those whose partitions are non-load-bearing. Don’t tear down your walls if they are part of your home’s foundation. Doing so could endanger your loved ones.

11. Invest in a Kitchen Island

If you take down your walls, add a kitchen island. This kitchen feature will make a significant difference in your space.

It’ll provide more room in your kitchen. So, your loved ones can join you without affecting your ease of movement.

If you add an island, ensure that it matches your countertops. This is because uniformity is appealing.

12. Add Your Personal Touch

Don’t focus so much on functionality that you forget to add your personal touch. After all, the kitchen is yours. It should be an extension of your personality.

If you’re a fan of bright colors, go all out with your renovation. Choose bold color schemes and even bolder designs.

If color isn’t your thing, choose neutral options. This way, your kitchen will be entirely yours.

Hiring a professional doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. You only need to explain the vision for your space to the professional. Many will make your dream kitchen a reality if you communicate.

Have Fun With the Many Kitchen Options Available for Renovation

There are many kitchen options for your renovation. As such, you don’t need to settle for a design you don’t like.

Implementing a few of the options discussed above will make a significant difference. Remember that functionality, quality, and aesthetics are important factors. Focus on them in all your kitchen remodel ideas.

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