12 Best Friend Gifts That She’ll Love

You wouldn’t be where you are today without the help of your best friends. They’ve been there through the worst and best days, and sometimes since childhood. They play a major role in your wedding preparations and celebrations. 

They deserve a little Thank You.

These 12 best friend gifts will exemplify the meaningfulness of your relationship. 

Bridal Box Subscriptions

The very best gift you can give to a bride is the gift that keeps on giving. In particular, The ‘Stop! Pamper Time’ bride box from MisstoMrs is a wedding subscription box designed to provide the bride with fun and self care items that indulge the body and soul. She will definitely appreciate the opportunity to indulge in some self care as she spends hour after hour planning the wedding. Make sure to give this gift early. Miss to mrs bridal box subscriptions are filled with items that help the bride celebrate, plan, and relax. The sooner you give it, the more she’ll get! 

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Etched Tumblers

You can be sweet and etch names and your wedding date on a high quality tumbler, but we recommend a more creative approach. Being so close, there is probably a memorable quote, favorite song, or inside joke that means something personal to the both of you. Great memories are sure to be triggered each time she takes a sip. 

Matching Pajamas

Sleepwear is always a cute wedding gift for a best friend. We always think about our day and lives while drifting off to sleep. What better way to end the day than with a comfy reminder of a great friendship? 

Friendship Bracelet

We all remember those macrame friendship bracelets that we held so dearly as kids. The gifts to get your best friend should be the adult version of those types of memories, and this is a great option! They’re simple enough to casually wear on a regular basis, and fashionable enough to wear on a night out. You can’t go wrong.

Jewelry Travel Case

We all have jewelry, and ‘good jewelry’. For those of us with friends that never seem to be able to find what they’re looking for, give the gift of organization. This stylish travel jewelry case is the unique best friend gift that allows her to keep her prized possessions always at reach. Available in 17 different shades, you’ll have no problem finding something that matches her style.

Comfy Blanket 

The best friend gift ideas come in the form of a metaphor. She’s wrapped you in friendship and protects you from the elements. Do the same for her, symbolically, with this super cute, ultra comfortable amped fleece throw blanket. 

High End Tea

For those friends who consider themselves amateur tea connoisseurs, nothing beats aromatic, full flavored tea. This soothing beverage will be what she turns to when it’s time to relax and enjoy life, just like you.

Unique Puzzle

Celebrating your best friend is akin to celebrating womanhood. Lean into the sentiment literally, with this ‘Nevertheless, she persisted’ puzzle which honors groundbreaking women. The bonus is that this type of gift implies that you’ll do it together, which is always something that unique best friend gifts should strive for.

Beauty Fridge

We all love our high end makeup that we reserve for special occasions. They sure can get expensive though, especially when we don’t take care of them. For the friend that buys more than the average amount of high end makeup, this climate controlled mini fridge is a very practical wedding gift idea for your best friend.

Picture Frame

Another type of best friend is the one who takes pictures of everything. For her, a cute gift idea is a picture frame. You can go with an ornate frame, or a simple one. You can etch it, or leave it plain. Either way, the real gift is what goes inside, your friendship.

Cotton Robe

Picture the perfect day at the spa. It always involves a comfortable robe. This ultra-soft, long staple Turkish cotton lives up to that fantasy. Your best friend deserves this level of relaxation as your gift. 

Personalized Sunglasses

Many best friend memories involve events. Concerts, festivals, days on the beach, and many other of those experiences involve sunglasses. Relive the good times with your best friend’s gift of etched sunglasses. Opt for her wedding title, your names, or maybe even the nicknames you’ve been calling each other for years.

Author: Valeriya Istomina is a Wedding Forward expert on wedding budgets, etiquettes, ceremonies, and music. If you need tips for wedding planning, she will guide you all the way. She collects analytics and surveys, talks to experts; creates checklists, templates, and gives her take on wedding planning. Her other passions are yoga, photography, and reading.


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