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What is Muktupolis?

먹튀폴리스 is a community site that is specialized in providing safe toto sites for eating and drinking. We ensure you that the playgrounds provided are checked thoroughly and are safe. These are introduced to the 먹튀폴리스 members through partnership. As the number of scam sites is increasing day by day, we ensure that you no longer have to worry about this and can safely use the playground. 

We provide you with the safest sites and make you alert about the scam sites that caused damage. Because of the advancing technology, the number of illegal and scam sites is increasing. Because of the competitiveness in the field, they take up all your profit. This means that these sites are taking advantage of you, while you are unaware of it. The worst of all is happening to the users of toto sites. That is why it is important to prevent such illegal sites. 

먹튀폴리스 provides you with a safe site that undergoes secondary verification through the community. With top-level standards for verifying the sites, we provide you with the safest playgrounds through a partnership. While signing the contract, we take the banner fee from the sites. This helps us to prevent any damages or accidents. We also take up the responsibility for the sites provided to the members.

Compensation is provided to the customers to ensure them that this kind of situation will not occur in the future. Compensations are provided only to the customers who report the scam for the 1st time. We are customer friendly and provide the members with various services and events. We take up complete responsibility for the injustice that happened to you while using any affiliated safe or major playground. So, you do not have to worry about anything and can place your bets freely.

How is Muktupolis different from other sites?

We have our safety verification team. We thoroughly check and keep on monitoring the affiliated playgrounds for their safety. You can trust us as we provide 10+ events and a large variety of games. Checkpoints are given to you according to your attendance rate on the site. We ensure you that we only provide you with verified sites so that you will not come across any scammers. 

The sites provided on Muktupolis are registered to ensure the safety of the members. We thoroughly check for the safety of the playgrounds to protect the funds used while betting. We prioritize the security of our members. That is why the data we use is 100% registered. Verification of the site is done through simple tests. 

As you know there are many public as well as private toto sites. The main difference that these sites hold is the points given to the members. Many people still think that it is not important to check for scam sites because they think that the concept of scam sites is just a rumor and not true. These categories of people try to verify the toto sites by themselves. At times, they even ask their friend or acquaintances about the safety of the sites for doing money transactions.

The main aim of the scammers is to eat up the toto site by taking up the money from the members. They do it in the same manner that is used for voice phishing. These scammers always find the most vulnerable point of the toto site to take up the money from the members. So, it is the same as making unstable investments. We value your money. All you need is to trust us.

If you check on the customer centers for the eat-and-go, you can see that they also accept complaints or inquiries related to the verification of toto sites. You can make sure that the site you use is private and safe with the help of our eat police. Our eat police provide such a facility because there are no longer domestic bettors who provide free services to the toto betting culture. 

How to check for verified sites

According to our safety park, there will not be any cases of any eating or drinking. But there is no 100% guarantee that such a situation occurs. If in case, during such situations, our team will thoroughly investigate it and will help you to resolve the problem with the site. We take up all the possible evidence and statements for proper investigation of the issue. So make sure that if such a situation occurs, keep the chat history, transaction history, etc…with you. 

Whenever you want to verify your toto site, go through a simple process. Try not to go through the authentication method that uses various verification procedures. Make sure that you study the toto site as well as the verification site to be used thoroughly so that you won’t regret it later. Try not to take up sites that are shown through google advertisements.

To verify your toto site for eating and drinking, first search for the site on google. On our site, we check for the credibility of the toto site before providing it to our members. The reason why you have to search the site on google is that a once scammed site will have an unconditional amount of data regarding the site. Check for the evidence photos and scam details thoroughly. Make sure that these are not fake. 

While verifying the site through google, do not think simply. Never take up a site thinking, “oh, it is just eating”. You never know what is ahead of it. On our site, after checking with the collected data, we go for a domain check. In the domain check, we check for the domain in which the site was created and its latest updates. 

We check every piece of information thoroughly and inform our members whether the toto site has any eating history or not. While making bet through the sites, odds on the bet plays a crucial role in the winning rate. but if there is no involvement of money within the betting process, then the whole process is a waste. Know yourself to know your enemy. If there is involvement of money within the betting process, then you can easily recognize scammers with a few tests. 

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