Prepare your own wood flower kits

So you are a beginner in the world of sola wood art and craft and trying to become familiar with making, dyeing, and arranging sola wood flowers!

Wood flowers are beautiful faux flowers made of a natural product called balsa tree wood. Fine and thin sheets of sola wood are used to craft different flowers and then dye them into their respective or desired colors. Sola wood flowers are ivory in color, they are easy to craft, and you can use these stunning and affordable blooms in any kind of floral arrangement easily.

If you are a beginner in flower making, this post is especially for you to guide about learning the art of making sola wood flowers:

wood flower kits

Is it challenging to learn the art of making sola wood flowers?

The answer is NO!

Sola wood flower making is a beautiful hobby that is mind refreshing and boosts your inner creativity. Wood flower making is easy to learn. Even you can learn it easily by searching build a flower arrangement online.

The only points you have to keep in your mind before start learning the art of sola wood flower making are:

  • Always set realistic and right expectations because no one can get expertise in sola wood flower making for the very first time. Sometimes you may need a lot of practice.
  • Learning the art of wooden flower making is a fun activity so enjoy being a learner.
  • It is always good to take guidance to become an expert in a field. So do watch YouTube tutorials of sola wood flower making, dyeing, and learn to build a flower arrangement online.

What do you expect to have in wood flower kits?

Wood flower kits don’t have many complicated tools and lots of supplies, but few necessary things you require in your wood flower kit to make, dye, and arrange your sola wood flowers. These supplies and tools are mentioned as under:

1. Things require crafting sola wood flowers:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Sheets of sola (shola) wood
  • Hot glue gun & glue stick
  • Pencil to draw the shape of petals

2. Supplies required for dyeing sola wood flowers:

  • Wood flower dye (you can use acrylic paints to dye sola wood blooms)
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Drying rack
  • Paintbrushes (if you want to add shades)

3. Requirements to stem your sola wood flowers:

  • Wire stem or bamboo stick
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Floral tape
  • Wirecutter

4. Things you need to make a simple sola wood floral arrangement:

  • Stemmed sola wood flowers of various shapes and sizes
  • Fresh or dried fillers and foliage to complement your sola wood bouquet
  • Tape and ribbon or lace to wrap the stems

Make your own sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flower making is an easy task. Simply draw and cut petals of different shapes for making a bloom from a sola wood sheet. With the help of a hot glue gun, combine these petals into the particular shape of a flower. Then use wire stems or bamboo sticks to make the floral stem and wrap it with green floral tape.

You can dye sola wood flowers by dipping them in a mixture of water and acrylic paints. Let them dry properly, and then with the help of a variety of fillers, arrange your wooden bouquet and tie it with lace or floral tape.


Learning wood flower making allows you to be creative, and with little practice and dedication, you can be an expert at making these cheerful and vivid blooms. Following these simple instructions, prepare your wood flower kits and become an expert in flower making.

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