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Why Get Rigid Boxes Custom Printed?

If you want to boost the hype of your product, you should consider getting rigid boxes custom printed. You can choose from an array of printing add-ons to make your box look more appealing. Here are some of these options. Read on to learn more. Retainable and sturdy: Retainable and durable boxes are ideal for a wide range of applications. Their sturdy, elegant finish also adds to the appeal. Customized: These boxes are available here https://www.ecopaperbox.com/ in a variety of styles.

Flexible design

The flexible design for rigid boxes provides many benefits for repurposing products. This type of packaging provides extra protection for products and a variety of embellishment options. Rigid setup boxes are also ideal for displaying successful rigid products. This type of packaging is made with a partially covered window. The thin film on the screen makes it easy to see details about the product without compromising the strength of the film. For this purpose, the thickness of the film depends on the size and strength of the item.


The strength and durability of rigid boxes custom are a crucial factor for many retailers. In addition to the materials used to create them, many manufacturers also add special touches like die-cut window panels that allow customers to inspect the products inside. To ensure a perfect color match, it’s best to specify PMS color. If PMS is not possible, then consider CMYK color. The disadvantage to CMYK color is that its range is relatively narrow. Nevertheless, if your products are fragile, then you can choose a matte or gloss finish. Spot UV printing and foil stamping can further enhance the look and feel of the custom rigid box.

Sturdy exterior

The sturdy exterior of rigid boxes is an appealing aspect of any box, and if the package is attractive, it will catch the eye of potential buyers. This is because shoppers like to touch the products inside them and rigid boxes give them that feeling. It also helps to increase the value of the product by adding luxury embellishment options and enhancing the customer experience. When used properly, rigid boxes can elevate a brand’s value and incentivize consumers to purchase the product inside.

Elegant finish

When packaging your products, the elegant finish for rigid boxes is an excellent choice. It adds elegance and beauty to your packaging without compromising on safety. The finish provides a shiny look while protecting the rigid box from abrasion and moisture. The process involves spot UV, hot stamping, or varnish coating to achieve this glossy finish. These finishes are applied on the exterior of the box to give it an even more polished and durable look.


When you’re ready to upgrade your packaging, rigid boxes are an excellent option. They offer the advantages of customisation, as well as a huge space for printing. Printed product details will add a personal touch to your boxes, and will increase customer engagement. With several factors to consider when designing your packaging, you’ll be sure to choose one that will make your brand and products stand out in the eyes of your customers.

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