Why Do You Need a Resource Scheduling Solution?

An office can run efficiently only on the back of good resource scheduling. And to ensure this, managers must juggle resources and allocate them optimally. Of course, this is more complex than it appears at first. Resources include employees, desks, meeting rooms, and shared spaces in a dynamic hybrid office.

Their usage is unpredictable and often dependent on the number of employees coming to the office. Naturally, managing resources manually through Excel sheets is suboptimal, given it is time-consuming. Moreover, it does not provide proper visibility into dynamic resources in hybrid workplaces.

A resource scheduling solution helps managers manage in-house and external resources optimally. It allows them to calculate the total chunk of resources and their capabilities to be leveraged effectively. By using this solution, you ensure that no asset is underused or overused. If you think you want to achieve this, let us get an idea of some specific benefits of a resource scheduling solution.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Resource Scheduling Solution

To Make Better Resource Allocations

Managers spend time with excel spreadsheets to observe, plan and allocate resources. But this process is oft cumbersome, time-consuming, and not to mention highly prone to errors. A resource scheduling solution equips managers with accurate and complete information on all the resources plus their availability. Here is a simple example. Say the company needs a couple of conference rooms for a meeting or workshop. Managers can use this solution to see vacant conference rooms and reserve them immediately without fearing double-bookings.

Managers with real-time data can make better decisions considering resource availability, budget, skill sets, and more. A resource scheduling solution also reduces errors by automating manual entries. Moreover, the interactive dashboard gives everyone good visibility into the available resources. Thus, resource scheduling tools streamline allocations.

To Boost Employee Satisfaction

A resource scheduling solution does not only benefit a company or its managers. It also improves the employee experience by streamlining task allotments and managing leaves. A case in point is when an employee has to take an emergency leave, it could mean missed deadlines without proper task rescheduling. And a resource scheduling solution can help with it.

A resource scheduling solution gives managers visibility into their employees’ work schedules and leaves. With this information, they can reassign duties to an available team member. Managers can also check employee productivity levels with a resource scheduling solution and get a clear idea of when an employee is overworked or close to burnout. Then, they can reassign tasks or alter project deadlines as required.

To Improve Task and Time Management

Say a company has two employees available to take up a certain task. If one employee has more experience completing the task, they complete it quicker while minimizing errors. Hence, if the deadline is close, it makes sense to allot this employee the task to ensure timely submissions. But to do this, managers must know their employees’ skills.

A resource scheduling software provides full disclosure of resources. It not only gives managers an idea about the employee skill sets but also shows them a list of employee projects demonstrating their skills. With such granular data from the resource scheduling solution, managers can accurately match tasks to employees and their specific skill sets. This ensures better management of projects and deadlines.

To Forecast Resources

Managers need to forecast resource shortages in advance to ensure there is a proper supply of resources. For this, they need a clear understanding of the available resources as well as the past resource usage trends. Once managers have such data, they can plan future resource use and make the necessary arrangements.

For instance, say your company is implementing a hybrid work model and is calling employees to the office in a month. As a manager, you need to make arrangements for extra seating and meeting spaces. This is where a resource scheduling solution can help.

A resource scheduling solution helps you estimate the resources you need for the changed employee footfall based on past resource usage trends. So, it helps you make the necessary arrangements and tweak the budget as required.

Parting Thoughts 

Resource scheduling is essential for any project. Without it, teams can miss deadlines, you overestimate resources, go over budget, and add strain on everyone involved. A resource scheduling solution simplifies the otherwise complex process of manually handling resources. It identifies resource availability and provides real-time data and reports to anchor decision-making.

If you are in the market for such an all-in-one solution, then the WorkInSync resource management software can be a game-changer for you. From resource planning to capacity planning, resource utilization to other scheduling features, our resource management tools have everything you need. Opt for a demo and see how the app can be useful to you. 

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