Why Consult A Neurologist For Acute Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the major issues that most people are facing nowadays. It may be due to overwork, wrong sitting position, or due to any underlying condition. However, it is necessary to get examined as soon as possible. Here we will have a proper discussion regarding back pain and its treatment.

What is back pain?

Back pain is a condition where the patient gets to feel discomfort, pain, and stiffness primarily due in the spine, lumbar, and thoracic region of the body. It can occur due to any underlying causes It mostly occurs due to inappropriate posture, but there may be many other causes. Some of its symptoms are: 

  • Pain in the back region may later on radiate or spread to the buttock and lower limb region.
  • Numbness in the gluteal region.
  • The pain can also be referred to other parts of the body due to intervening nerves.

Where to get treatment for the back pain?

Sometimes back pain can be caused by damage to any of the nerves, which can lead to severe problems. If you are suffering from the same then South Valley Neurology is the ultimate solution for you. It is a community-based multi-specialty practice that provides its patients with unequaled and compassionate care, highly précised diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for neurological disorders. 

Causes of back pain

As the human back is consist of organized and complicated muscular structures with various tendons and ligaments innervated with numbers of nerves and blood vessels. Hence any damage or strain in them can cause severe back pain problems. For example:

  • Muscle tension
  • Ligament tearing.
  • Damaged disc
  • Strained muscle and ligaments 
  • Injuries or fractures due to an accident or fall

Why see a neurologist for back pain?

As we have discussed earlier that there is the innervation of several nerves in the back region and hence most of the time the pain in the back region is caused due to any damage or lesion in them. For example, Cauda equina syndrome, where the bundle of nerves from the spinal cord gets damaged, which can be fixed by surgeries or other treatment from a neurologist. However, certain regions show why to consult with a neurologist:

  • Accurate diagnosis: there lie different causes behind back pain. A neurologist is the most appropriate one to diagnose the cause with advanced techniques. You can even know the exact point and nerve due to which you are suffering from back pain.
  • More conservative treatment: as neurologists have a wide knowledge of the nervous system as well as the neural condition, they can provide the most precise treatment for the patient. 
  • Accurate treatment plan: in some cases, the problem can be only cured with surgeries. In such cases, a neurologist can get the Neurosurgeon a complete report on your condition and can direct him to a better success rate of the surgery.
  • Long-term consulting: you can get a consultation from a neurologist as long as your back pain doesn’t get completely cured.


In some cases, the untreated back pain can become more severe and leads to certain serious issues. Hence, it is necessary to get diagnosed and treated by the right doctor before it is too late.

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