Why CBC blood test in Jalandhar?

A complete blood test is a test that counts the cells that form your blood. It has red blood corpuscles, white blood corpuscles, and platelets. Your doctor may order CBC blood tests at pathology labs in Jalandhar as a part of routine checkups due to the following:

  • It helps you check for anemia, which is a condition that you’ve got fewer blood cells than the average. 
  • It helps you find whether you’ve got a health issue. It becomes easy to explain symptoms like bruising, fever, and exhaustion. 
  • It helps you keep an eye on your health condition. 
  • It lets you about how medications, treatments, and medical conditions like chemotherapy affect your blood. 

How does a CBC Blood test get done?

If the CBC is the blood test only you’re having, it allows you to eat and drink as you do.

The role of the blood test at pathology labs in Jalandhar is short and time-efficient. A lab tech or nurse takes a blood sample by inserting a needle under your arm. Afterward, you’ll leave and get your regular life back. 

The lab sends the blood sample for detailed screening and/or review

What does the CBC Blood test measure?

The CBC blood test tells your doctor a couple of things about your health condition. It gives a measurement of the following elements. 

  • White blood cells: It helps your body fight germs. If your body is rich in WBCs, it could be a symptom of infection, inflation, medical reaction, and a distinct health quo. 
  • A viral infection, inflated bone marrow, and medication could mean a low blood cell count exhibited at pathology labs in Jalandhar
  • Red blood corpuscles carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream. It helps you carry carbon dioxide. If your RBC count is too low, you might have hyper or hypokalaemia. 
  • Hemoglobin is the protein in the blood cell that carries oxygen. 
  • Hematocrit or Hct tells you about the portion of blood that carries red cells. While a low hematocrit suggests a low count of iron, a high score could mean that you got dehydrated. 
  • Platelets help your blood to clot in a span.

In a blood test report, there are two columns to show your results and reference level. If your results lie within the reference level, blood test reports at pathology labs in Jalandhar will come normal. 

If your results lie above the reference level, blood test reports will show that you’ve got something abnormal. Mild anemia is one of the common reasons why your test reports are slightly off.

What’s the average count of elements found in blood cells?

Each lab has got a unique way of inspecting your bloodstream. Hence, the reference range of blood reports will rely on the lab you get tested. 

  • White blood cells: 4500 to 11000 cells per microliter
  • Red blood cells: 4.5 million to 5.9 million cells per microliter
  • Platelets: 155,000 to 455,000 platelets/mcL

For the CBC test cost in Jalandhar, contact our infirmary now. 

Aldosterone levels become very low with severe illness, so testing should not be done at times when someone is very ill. Patient should be ambulatory / upright 2 hours prior to sampling. Drug interactions to be noted: Potassium wasting diuretics, Spironolactone, Eplerenone, Amiloride and Triamterene should be discontinued at least for 4 weeks. Any change in medication should be done in consultation with treating physician.

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