Whipped cream chargers or nangs for making whipped cream fast

As we all know today’s endless technology and techniques of life . People have used many  different and hard techniques to prepare their  favourite creams for their dishes. Similarly the cream can be used to make the whipped cream at hime easily and in a cheaper way. It’s easy to do and even easier to consume.

The whip cream chargers

The whip cream chargers also known as cream bulbs or nangs are one of new technologies which can provide many many benefits to you in making whipped cream  for your creamy dishes in a very highly effective and satisfying manner. In fact , these chargers can make cream for you in your own kitchen very easily and delicious that every will love.

You will not just satisfied by the taste but also we will become favourite of your friends and family . This  is why most if the people like to use this gadget for making whipped cream at home or any restaurant to make their friends or customers happy by providing  their delicious mouth watering creamy dishes.

This a steel cylinder filled with a type of gas that is called nitrous oxide which used in the dispenser of the charger that work as whipping agent here. These cylinders have two endings, one is narrow and the other end is rounded . The narrow end must be broken do that the gas can be released from this.

These chargers have many uses but the  actual use of these chargers is the preparation of whipped cream. In restaurants or hotels, this is one of the most important and useful gadget of the discharging of different varieties of  creams on the foods within a few seconds to make them very delicious and mouth watering to eat.


These can also be used for  delicious mousses and toppings. Some home cooks and professionals also make rich chocolate and savoury mousses, also the coconut whipped cream , sauces , soups, foams and nitro coffee etc by using these whipped cream chargers.

As they contain nitrous oxide so the bubbly whipped cream can be made easily by this chargers. You should also keep in mind that there is nitrous oxide so you should safely work by this.

These chargers are recyclable. Instead of throwing this charger in the dustbin, you should recycle this charger with a local recycling store/centre in your area.

Used chargers may be not refillable but you can 100% recycle them as  the steel recycling programs exits everywhere. 

Sprays and the cream bulbs

Some cream chargers also have sprays and the cream bulbs which provide pretty good benefits in making creams but they are not affordable for many people as they are quite expensive. So if you are having this unique gadget at your home, then you are the luckiest as you can make a variety of different flavours by this whipped cream charger without spending too much time and money too. But if you are not having this chargers you should definitely go and buy this without wasting time and money in buying cream.

Where to buy these chargers

If we talk about where to buy these chargers?if you want to buy a whipped cream charger. It’s very essential to choose the brand. To ensure the quality of charger and you should also check the price for your charger according to your budget.

You  can check online there are a large number of online stores throughout the world  that can help you for buying your required whipped cream charger. However they are in a very cheaper price so everyone can buy them easily that’s why it economically very beneficial because of the  lowest price.

In fact,  they are also available in different types of brands and therefore you can also choose your favourite one  to benefits of it at your home or for your restaurant. As well as they are also available at a very affordable rate. In grocery stores and medical stores so you can go and buy you favourite one there.

Also the whipped cream chargers are long durable gadgets. That provide the most expensive benefits in a very low cost. And most importantly it works for you at your own kitchen. It can definitely dave your money  that you have spend by buying the cream.

There are many ways to make creams by the chargers but two are described below do  you can adjust as you see fit:

First way:

  1. 100 grams whipping cream powder 
  2. 475 ml ice and cold water 
  3. 1 tablespoon vanilla extract.

Second way:

  1. 100 grams whipping cream powder 
  2. 350 ml cold water and ice
  3. 1 tablespoon vanilla extract.

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