Whipped Cream Chargers (Nangs) And Their Advantages

A whipped cream chargers is a kitchen tool. It is cylindrical in shape that is made of steel and filled with Nitrous Oxide (N2O) gas. Whipped cream charger is used as a whipping agent in whipped cream dispenser. The narrow end of a whipped cream charger has a foil covering that disposes the gas. The whipped cream dispenser has a sharp pin inside which makes the releasing process of the Nitrous Oxide gas.

The cream charger

The whipped cream chargers is colloquially called with different name, such as Whippets, whippit, Nos, nossies or nangs. The whipped cream charger is cylindrical in shape and its dimensions are 6.3 cm long and 1.8 cm wide. The cylinder is round at one end and at the other end it is narrow tip shaped.

The chargers are withstanding great pressure as its walls are 2mm thick, which means it’s having great pressure to mix the cream with N2O. Most of the whipped cream charger cylinder brands contain 8G of N2O under pressure, its interior volume is 10cm. Once the cylinder is been used, it becomes non-refillable, that means it is one-time usable. But the steel of the cylinder can be recycled 100%, wherever the steel recycling program is available.

Whipped Cream Chargers
Whipped Cream Chargers (Nangs) And Their Advantages

Pduction and usage

The production and usage of whipped cream chargers were originated in Europe. There are still multiple factories in the Europe involved in the charger’s production. The standard capacity of these factories producing the chargers is 7.8 grams of N2O.

Whipped cream bulbs are designated for low volume usage. That can occasionally be used in home kitchens, restaurants, and coffee shops. There are bigger cylinders like a tank system, which fills larger containers for dispensing high volume of cream from the cream dispenser. These are for high-volume commercial use, where the volume is more than a production level of 2.6 gallons per hour.

Nitrous Oxide Uses

Nitrous Oxide does not oxidize the cream while it is in the can, and it is also been used because it dissolves easily into the cream. The cream needs to have at least 28% of fat content to use a dispenser for producing whipped cream. The cream and the N2O both are pressurized in a sealed container. Heavy cream, sugar, and desired and colors are the main recipes for the cream whipping process.


The whipped cream chargers dispenser has a valve, whenever it is opened, it expels the cream solution by high pressure inside the dispenser. When a change occurs in pressure level, it causes some of dissolved gas to change the bubbles, fluffing the cream very effectively. The Nitrous Oxide gas (N2O) is antibiotic, it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Once the is charged with whipped cream charger, it can be kept in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. The charged cream is safe and edible for more than 10 days.

Whipped cream chargers are gaining more popularity in the market, as a larger and growing number of people are making attempts to have their own chargers in their kitchen. It is because of its advantages and easy user guide. The whipped cream charger has a whole advantages list.

Advantages of Whipped Cream Chargers:

Since everyone can use a whipped cream charger, that means if you are having a creative mind, you can use it as per your requirements, and the taste and look that you want.

The whipped chargers provide you freedom from visiting grocery stores for cream dishes. You can produce you own taste at home with less expensive ingredients.

When it comes to health, there isn’t any better choice other than the Whipped cream charger, which allows you to control the level of sugar as per your health and desires.

Another advantage

Another advantage is the long-lasting period of charged whipped cream. Once the cream is charged with Nitrous Cylinder, you can dispense it, and you can keep it in refrigerator for up to 10 days. That means you can prepare your cream ahead of schedules. No worries of its expiration because the N2O which has natural antibiotics. The N2O inhibits the growth of bacteria to make you cream last longer.

The whipped cream charger is not that much expensive, it gives everyone the opportunity to have their own kind of taste and ingredients, unlike buying a pre prepared cream dishes from a grocery store. Because of having extensive nutrition in whipped cream, it helps in overall physical growth.

The most important thing

The most important thing is that you don’t need to be a chef to use the whipped cream charger. Everyone can produce whipped cream with minimal expertise. In that case you also don’t need expensive electric equipment like stand mixer etc. Anyway, the electric stand mixer does not always produce good whipped cream.

Before the whipped cream charger, producing whipped cream was a laborious work. And it needed a lot time. But whipped cream charger can be instantly used. Kindly contact us for more information about any kind of equipment.

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