Where Can You Use Cryptocurrencies?

Initially, crypto coins are bought using traditional currencies as investments. But because many are already adapting to the use of crypto, establishments and industries are now accepting these digital currencies as another form of payment for goods and services.

The process of crypto transactions is very complex during its first days. You must create commands and program the transaction before it can be completed. Today, processing transactions are as easy as transferring money from a bank account. This is proof that the crypto industry has improved over the years and is now being embraced by the public.

If you own cryptocurrency but are unsure where to use it yet aside from investment, here are some industries where you can spend your cryptocurrencies.

Buying Goods Through BitPay

Cryptocurrency prices and market charts are mostly used online. Many online stores are also accepting crypto as payment for goods. Shopify is one of the biggest names in e-Commerce that accepts both fiat payments and cryptocurrency. These payments are made through BitPay and Coinbase.

Though Amazon does not accept crypto as direct payments, items on your cart can be paid with crypto through BitPay, found on the Amazon checkout page. Even new Apple devices such as iPhones, Macbooks, and other Apple accessories can be bought using crypto through the BitPay app.

You can also buy clothes and fashion accessories from different brands. Many established retailers and boutiques accept crypto in their physical shops, while you can check the merchant list online through the BitPay app.

Luxury Goods

People use cryptocurrency to buy luxury goods to keep their identities anonymous. Jewelry, diamonds, boats, and yachts are just one of the luxuries that can be bought using crypto. There are yacht shops that accept crypto as direct payments, while some accept using the BitPay app.

When people buy luxury goods, they want them to be as quick and safe as possible. There are jewelry shops that accept crypto depending on the total amount of the jewelry. Some retailers accept it as direct payments, while some accept it with the use of the BitPay card.

Funding Your Crypto Gambling

The number of online casinos continues to rise, and its integration with cryptocurrency made deposits and withdrawals made even easier. Gamblers prefer an eth casino over a traditional casino because of its convenience and the wide selection of games it offers.

Crypto gambling platforms do not only have traditional casino games, but it also offers live casino tables and sports betting.

Food and Beverage

No need to worry if you run out of cash and you are craving coffee. Some coffee shops like Starbucks are now accepting crypto payments. There are branches that accept direct crypto payments, but you may also use the BitPay Card. It is a debit card dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

Hospitality Services

There are specific airline booking sites that accept crypto as payment for airline and hotel bookings. You can book private flights and even commercial flights using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If you want to book from a specific website, you can use your BitPay card, just like how you use your MasterCard.


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