When to Call an Electrician

Did you know that approximately 30,000 non-fatal shock incidents occur in the US each year? Most happen in the workplace, but many others in homes, with 20%, or about 6,000 cases, even involving children.

That should give you a clue on how important it is to call an electrician for most electrical jobs.

So, when exactly should you hire an electrician, and what jobs warrant their expertise? This guide discusses the most crucial facts you need to know, so read on.

Wiring Repairs

Faulty light switches, dead receptacles, and scorched wall outlets indicate wiring issues. Outlets emitting yellow or orange sparks are also signs of defective or loose wiring. The same is true for an electrical panel producing loud or odd noises, such as crackling.

Call a professional electrician if those are the problems or symptoms you experience. They may have to repair or replace old or defective wires. They may also have to re-wire an aging electrical system.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Do you have a Challenger or Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok electric panel? If so, then please call a licensed electrician from Penola to get it replaced immediately. Do the same if you have a circuit breaker from either company.

According to experts, those panels and breakers carry the risk of electrical shocks. Moreover, they may fail to trip as needed, causing a potential electrical fire. An estimated one million FPE panels alone may be defective, so it’s best to call a pro to determine if yours is one of them.

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrade

Even if your service panel isn’t from Challenger or FPE, you may still need to upgrade it if it’s a fuse box. While no longer that common, some homes built before the 1960s may still have 60-amp fuse panels.

Fuse panels have lower electrical load capacities, making it easy to overload them. Their fuses blow out every time they become overwhelmed with electrical demands. Such can happen if you require them to supply power to multiple appliances.

So, if you still have a fuse box, call an electrician to replace it with a 200-amp service panel. It can handle heavier electrical demands and have more space for safety breakers.

New Construction

If you’re building a new home, you need to call and hire a new construction electrician. That ensures your new home meets strict safety requirements and building codes.

One of the codes your new construction home must meet is the National Electrical Code (NEC). The NEC receives updates and revisions every three years, and the most recent one was in 2020. So, you can expect the latest modified NEC to come out in 2023.

A licensed new construction electrician can guarantee your home meets the latest standards.

Call an Electrician for These Jobs

Always remember that electrical malfunctions can result in a residential building fire. In 2019 alone, they accounted for 6.8% of approximately 354,400 house fires. Don’t forget that they can also cause shock and burn injuries.

So, if a job involves wires, panels, or circuit breakers, don’t try to DIY; call an electrician instead.

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