When Should I Contact A Lawyer About A Motorcycle Accident?

Getting in touch with a lawyer after a motorcycle accident is imperative. Your attorney must collect evidence and work on building your case right away, as some physical evidence is eliminated the moment the vehicles leave. The longer you wait, the more time you allow for evidence to disappear. 

There are many ways in which evidence is lost, which is why it is crucial that your attorney gather as much evidence as possible, right away. Surveillance recordings are taped over consistently, so if a corner store or restaurant caught the accident on tape, it would likely have been taped over if your lawyer does not receive the footage in time. In addition to the likelihood of lost evidence, your attorney must be mindful of the legal considerations that limit the timeframe for filing against motorists. 

In most cases, you’ll have three years to file, but there are exceptions for shortening this general timeframe. The factors of your accident, such as whether the vehicle was government-owned and operated, will influence the time you have to file. For more information on why contacting a motorcycle accident injury attorney as soon as possible is essential following a motorcycle accident, consider the information below. 

Contact A Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Right Away 

After a motorcycle accident, call the police and address medical care first. As soon as those essentials are taken care of, get in touch with a motorcycle accident injury attorney. The sooner you get started, the more time your attorney will have to collect physical evidence and successfully build your case. 

Start Building Your Case With Additional Accident Experts

Proof of accident legitimacy can be sped up by working alongside analysts who understand how to reconstruct accidents based on the evidence and other limited amounts of information they’re given. It will take many weeks to complete the process of working with these aspects, which explains the urgency of getting your attorney involved right after the accident. If you have given your motorcycle accident injury attorney enough time, it’s possible to work on case-building objectives simultaneously, which may speed up your case creation and give more evidence to support the claim. 

Let Your Attorney Handle Insurance And Your Settlement

Do not contact insurance before you’ve spoken to your motorcycle accident injury attorney. Discuss with your lawyer your expectations for settlement, and they will inform you of the possibilities for compensation amounts and what you can expect regarding legal proceedings. In many cases, insurance companies will utilize tactics to get out of paying for injuries sustained. By working with a trusted motorcycle accident injury attorney right away, insurance will be dealt with for you, so you can prioritize healing and obtaining the compensation you deserve. 

Get The Outcomes Your Deserve For Your Case

There is no need to wait when most motorcycle accident injury attorney professionals and firms work on a contingency-fee-basis and will schedule consultations for free. Get the professional assistance you need to move past your accident with the outcomes you deserve.  


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