When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting?

Our gums play an important role in ensuring the ideal condition of our oral health. Therefore, a diseased gum, also known as periodontal disease, can lead to severe problems, from bad breath to even tooth loss. 

Different factors like genetics, family history, hormones, lack of dental care, aggressive bruising, etc., can cause our gums to recede, resulting in further adverse oral health conditions.

Veneers are an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your smile without undergoing any invasive procedures or spending long periods of time in the dentist’s chair. Veneers are thin shells made from different materials that can be affixed to the front surface of your teeth in order to change their appearance. Once fitted, they are practically invisible and will give you the beautiful smile that you have always wanted.

What Is Gum Grafting Treatment?

Cosmetic Gum surgery in Medford, also known as gum grafting, is used to treat such health problems. In this type of surgery, a periodontist first removes a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth or nearby healthy gum tissue and then attaches it to the affected area as a replacement for worn-out gums. 

This procedure is more popular and relatively quick. Depending on your oral health, a periodontist may suggest other ways of treatment and surgery. Early treatment of it can reduce the risk of adverse health effects and save your oral health. However, it is never too late to seek a diagnosis for Gum Grafting treatment Medford, and restore your oral health. 

Different Types Of Gum Graft

Three different types of gum grafts are highly prevalent these days. Therefore, different types of gum grafting include: 

1. Connective Tissue Grafts – This is a process where the connective tissue from under our palate is taken and used to cover exposed tooth roots. 

2. Free Gingival Grafts – In this procedure, the flap is extracted in a smaller quantity and used to build up thin gums in most cases. 

3. Pedicle Grafts – The gum tissue is misplaced in this gum grafting technique, and one has to undergo surgery to put them back in the right place. 

When Should We Get The Gum Grafting Treatment?

Gum grafting surgery Medford is highly recommended if you notice your gums have receded enough that the roots of your teeth are exposed. Received Gum forms pockets between the tooth and the gums, which become an ideal breeding ground for different bacteria. Over time, this bacteria buildup hardens into plaque and tartar, putting one at risk for infections, tooth decay, and advanced gum disease, which can cause bone and tissue loss and eventually result in tooth loss. 

Unlike a receded hairline, gum recession isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Therefore, even if one fails to see a noticeable change in their gums, it is recommended to get regular check-ups done to prevent permanent damage and tooth loss. Therefore, feel free to consult a Medford dentist at the earliest to know more about your oral health and prevent it from receding. 

If you look at it, gum grafting surgery can be undertaken at any stage, to treat problems like gum recession and prevent tooth loss. 

Concluding Thoughts

Our gums are very important as they are responsible for keeping your teeth in place, holding them tight for proper use, and even maintaining overall oral hygiene. 

Therefore, one thing that we can all be certain about is that it is very important to get regular check-ups done for the prevention of adverse health effects and go for surgery if required.

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