What’s A Fanuc Robot All About?

A Fanuc robot is a 6-axis robot that Fanuc Robotics manufacturers. This robot can come in many sizes and shapes. A Fanuc robot normally comes from the factory with a coat of yellow paint. 

They can be other colors though. umělá inteligence is a very trending smart robot used for multiple versatile applications. They offer a vast range of industrial robots to ensure that productivity increases. 

Automated Solutions Australia, offers dedication., innovation, and automation as a combined package to help companies increase their competitive advantage. The mechanism can handle shot blasting, paint finishing, materials handling, and robotics fiberglass spray machines. 

What Do Different Colors Depict?

A  green Fanuc robot will denote that it is collaborative. A collaborative robot is a type of robot that you can work closely with. That means, unlike most robots, there is no need to put safeguarding around this type of robot. So for the normal robots, you need safeguards to keep the operatives safe but for collaborative robots, you don’t need any safeguards. A silver Fanuc robot will denote a paint robot. Each robot will have a designated number starting with an f mentioned somewhere on the controller. The f-number is the serial number for the robot’s mechanical unit and the controller. The important thing you need to know about a Fanuc robot controller is that there may be a difference between them even if they look the same. 

Ranges of Fanuc Robots

There are different ranges for Fanuc robots starting with collaborative robots, articulated robots, delta robots, Palletising robots, Arc Welding Robots, Top Mount Robots, Paint Robots, and Scara series. All the different ranges of Fanuc Robots are used for a variety of purposes by the companies to make their jobs easier.

Mechanism of each robot

Various mechanical units move. The number after the forward-slash will denote the payload of a non-standard robot. The last letter will describe the option of length, usually longer(L), and shorter(S) than the standard. You can use the robot finder tool from Fanuc’s website to help you identify which robot should be used for your application. Each mechanical unit of the robot uses grease to lubricate each joint of the robot. Like the oil in your car, the grease needs to be changed periodically. 

A robot’s mastering is a way for the robot to know where it is using the encoders on the servos. The batteries keep the encoder counts stored on the robot. If the batteries on the robot run dead and the controller loses power, the robot will lose its master. It is always important to change the robot batteries with the controller power on when using a Fanuc robot. Usually, the robot will warn you with a Battery Zero Alarm dash triple X alarm. In this case, XXX represents a three-digit number code signifying what type of battery alarm. Change the batteries periodically.


Industrial automation is on the rise and to stay in the close-notch competition, the above Fanuc Robots have only made life simpler for companies. They are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility.

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