What You Should Know About Sending Online Gift Baskets to Canada

Who doesn’t love a gift basket? It’s among the most thoughtful gifts ever. Whether you live hours or states away from your loved ones, several occasions remind us how beautiful it is to spend time with them. Unfortunately, everything became more difficult this year due to travel restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. However, there are still ways to gift your loved one living in Canada  or take part in any occasion from a distance. You can find a great variety of gift baskets online to send to your loved ones from sites like with free shipping. The best thing is it’s a dedicated gift baskets site with suitable gift baskets for all occasions and everyone’s choice. 

If you’re also thinking of sending a gift basket to your friend and family but have never done it before, here are some important things you should know about ordering online gift baskets. buying a star

#1. Consider the Occasion

Consider the Occasion

The majority of the Canadian gift baskets revolve around the themes. From anniversary, mother’s day to birthdays, you can find themed gift baskets for all occasions. So, when ordering a gift basket online, you must choose the one in the spirit of the occasion. For example, if you’re sending a gift basket to your lover on Valentine’s day, the color and content should be according to the theme of Valentine’s day. 

#2. Select a Price Range

Select a Price Range

When it comes to sending gifts, everyone wants the best for their loved ones. However, there are gift baskets with different ranges of price. On different online gift stores, you can use the option of selecting gift baskets by price. By selecting a price range, the site only displays the gift basket options in your budget, and you can pick the best among them. It also saves time as you won’t need to explore all gift baskets. 

#3. Try to match the Recipient’s Interest

Recipient’s Interest

When sending a gift basket online, it’s vital to pick a gift basket according to the recipient’s interest. For example, if the recipient is a coffee lover, you can send a beautiful coffee gift basket, or in case she has a sweet tooth, you can get her a Gourmet chocolate gift basket. Receiving a gift basket that contains a product a person desires portrays extra care and love of the sender. 

#4. Choose the Right Size

Right Size

While ordering a gift basket online, it’s crucial to consider whether the recipient lives alone or with a family. Because if that person lives with a family and you’ve sent a small gift basket with insufficient items to be shared with the family members, it may offend the recipient. However, if the recipient lives alone, a small size gift basket would work. So, when you’re ordering a gift basket, select the basket size accordingly. 

#5. Expected Delivery Date

Delivery Date

The delivery date is among very important things when ordering a gift basket online, either to your home or sending it to the recipient’s doorstep directly. Imagine your gift basket being delivered the next day of the birthday or the anniversary; it would destroy all the impression. So, when ordering a gift basket online, you must check the expected delivery date. 

#6. Select a Reliable Online Gift Store

Online Gift Store

The last but most important point about ordering a gift basket online is to select a reliable gift store. Gift baskets are supposed to be delivered in a good presentation at the recipient’s doorstep. That’s why you shouldn’t take the risk of ordering from an untrustworthy or new gift store. During our research, we found  Gifts and Baskets to be the most reliable store in Canada. 


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