What to Look For in a Wedding Dress

We’ve got the answer for you, whether you’ve had your heart set on your wedding gown since you were five, and have all the details down to the last detail, or you don’t know what to do with it at all.

It can be difficult to find the right gown. It can feel overwhelming because you may not have tried it on before. Additionally, this is the most expensive dress many women will own. It might feel like you’re learning a new language–tulle. It’s not only that there are now more wedding dresses to choose from, a formal one for the ceremony and a casual one for reception. Shopping can become even more stressful.

These shopping tips will help no matter your budget, your style, or your timeline.

Do some research to determine what you like?

Flip through magazines, look at bridal boutiques online. To create a visual file of your favorite dresses, take a page from each magazine. Look for a common theme. Is it embellished, lacy, voluminous, etc? Do they all feature open backs or are they different? Look for commonalities among the styles you like. Then, bring your ideas along to your first appointment.

Be open

Your bridal consultants will tell you that you often see brides with a fixed idea of the dress they want. Then they go on to show you how they can help you find something different. Keep your eyes open when you’re shopping for wedding dresses. You might stumble upon your dream wedding dress.

Start Shopping Early

Many gowns take up to eighteen months to create. Once the gown arrives, you need to add more time to alter it and to accessorize.

But not too early

If you wait for your engagement to end and then start shopping, the gown you end-up buying may be out of fashion by the time the wedding day arrives. For the finest in custom-made or unique pieces, check out our Bella Luna selection of royalty gowns

Plan your Budget

Yes, it is uncomfortable to speak numbers but it will save time and heartache in the future. Before your first appointment makes sure you know who is paying for your gown.

Find out what your limit is if someone else is paying. This will allow you to keep within your budget and pay the difference yourself if you need the dress.

Don’t be surprised if you try on many gowns

Unfortunately, unless your luck is really good, the first thing you try on for your wedding dress will not be “the one.” If you’ve tried on several dresses, don’t despair. Don’t lose heart and don’t give up until you’re certain that you’ve found the perfect gown. It may take you multiple shopping trips to be completely certain.

Before you start searching for dresses, decide whether you would like a casual, outdoor-themed wedding, or a more formal, romantic affair. As you look at gowns, remember to consider the venue and the theme.

Plan non-obvious costs into the budget

Let’s say you limit your fashion spending to $2,000; you don’t need a $2,000 gown. It’s important to account for tailoring, accessories, (your veil and jewelry), and cleaning, preservation, and storage of your gown after the ceremony if you wish it to be a keepsake.

Find a Great Bridal Salon

Do your research before making appointments. You don’t want to spend time shopping at a shop without the dresses you love or with poor customer service. Check online reviews for shops with solid reputations and get recommendations from married friends.

Shopping should be an all-day affair

It’s quite time-consuming and tiring to try on one wedding gown after another. It’s better to leave enough time so that you have plenty of time to browse and try on dresses.

You can choose your shopping team wisely

While you may love your mom, sisters, aunts, nieces, and six bridesmaids, it’s hard to get everyone to agree on the place for dinner. Then, narrow down the group to the people who matter most to your opinion.

The Right Undergarments

It can be difficult trying to understand how a sleeveless dress will look when your leopard bra is sticking out. If your hips are smoothed, you might find it hard to appreciate how a flattering gown would fit.

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