What To Do After A Semi-Truck Crash

There are more than 6 million accidents in just the US alone. This number is very worrying, especially for road users. Being involved in a semi-truck crash can be quite awful. Semi-truck crashes may cause serious injuries because of the size of the vehicle. This is why it is good to have some safety tips in mind in case of a semi-truck crash. Here’s what to do after a semi-truck crash.

●      Access The Situation

After a semi-truck crash, you must access the whole situation. You should check if you are in good condition, then check on the other passengers involved in the crash if you can safely. It is very important to note that you should not put your safety at risk.

●      Call For Help

Next, you want to call for help. In most cases, your go-to emergency hotline is 911. You should let them know how many people and vehicles are involved in the accident to enable them to know how many ambulances to send to your location. Even though the accident looks very minor, make sure to always call the police to get immediate documentation of the crash.

●      Never Run Away

You must never run away from the scene of the crash especially if you were the driver of the vehicle. Even though it looks like a minor crash, do not drive away. It is best to stay put and wait for the police. Just remain calm and cooperate with the police.

●      Medical Treatment

Another important safety tip to note is to get medical treatment as soon as possible. Your body may have released so much adrenaline into your system that you may not feel pain or notice any injury right away. If you are not able to get good medical treatment at the scene, then you must see a doctor as soon as possible.

●      Take Accurate Records

This is something you should do if you are safe and not injured. Taking accurate records include taking photos, the contact information of involved persons, and even taking note about your environment. You should not guess facts about the accident. You may also check if the statements of other people involved are accurate.

●      Liability or Fault

Another important tip to note has to do with admitting fault. Even if you know that you were at fault, you must never admit fault. This does not mean you should lie as it may damage your credibility and reputation. You can simply just don’t talk about the specific details. It is the job of your insurance company to investigate the crash and decide whether you were at fault or not.

●      Record Your Medical Treatment

This is one tip that most people forget to do. As you are receiving medical treatment, you should keep note of all the doctors, names, and other health care providers. Keeping a record of all your medical treatments will help you prove your medical expenses.

●      Be Cautious About Who You Discuss With

You should be very cautious about who you discuss the details of the crash with. It is best to speak to no one other than the police and your lawyer. Even the trucking company’s insurer should speak with your lawyer first. Calls from the truck company’s insurer should be answered politely and you should insist that they contact your lawyer to arrange an interview if necessary.

Here are some of the things you can do after a semi-truck crash. You must drive cautiously. You should avoid blind spots, be very careful when switching lanes, drive cautiously during poor weather, and most importantly be patient when driving.

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