What to Consider When Renovating a School Gym

Students who are physically active score higher on tests and are fifteen percent more likely to attend college. To get the most out of their physical activity, your students need a top-notch high school gym.

A school gym renovation is an exciting opportunity to upgrade one of your most important facilities. It involves a lot of difficult decisions, though, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process.

Focus on the things that matter. There are only a handful of truly major considerations regarding a new gym; once you’ve thought through those, the rest is easy.

Keep reading to learn some of the most important things to think about when renovating a school gym.


High visibility is key in a school gym. People from throughout your community will gather there to watch basketball games and other sports; they’ll want a clear view of the action.

There are many lighting options for a new gym, but light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are among the most promising. LED lighting is energy efficient, helping your school save money. They also give off very little heat.


One of the first gym remodeling ideas most people have is new flooring. Between sports, dances, and other uses, gym floors take a lot of punishment. Strong flooring is crucial.

Most school gyms use sturdy basketball court flooring. Good basketball court flooring offers shock absorption, durability, and a clean, sleek appearance.

Several surface options are available, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your gym floor.


While flooring is crucial for your athletes, seating is key if you want to keep your fans happy. Look for ergonomic seating that keeps the audience comfortable throughout a long game.

Safety is also a factor when choosing seating. Choose seats that are sturdy and well-built. Avoid materials that could easily break or splinter.


Every gym needs a variety of sports equipment. Incorporate things like new scoreboards and basketball hoops into your renovation ideas–a gym remodel is the perfect opportunity to improve your sports gear.

Think about all the different sports your students will play in that gym. Do you need new volleyball nets? What about wrestling mats? Be thorough when making your equipment list.


School gyms are safe havens in many emergencies, but what happens when the emergency takes place inside the gym itself? You need a clear, effective evacuation plan for your new gym.

A school gym renovation is also a good time to update your gym’s sprinkler system and add extra fire extinguishers. Make sure there are first aid kits and other safety features to protect your students.

Build a Better School Gym

A school gym has many uses. Students, faculty, and families will spend a lot of time and make treasured memories in your gym. A school gym remodel allows you to make those memories even more special by improving your gym.

You can also improve your school beyond the gym. Visit our education blog to find articles about staffing your school, upgrading your educational software, and more!

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