Popular Combat Sports for Young People

Combat sports have a long history and are often encouraged for those who want a good workout and learn control, discipline, and good sportsmanship. They can be practiced at local gyms and dojos for regular classes and may contain competitions for sparring and techniques. The most popular combat sports for young people include several forms of martial arts, including karate, boxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu.

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Rooted in deliberate movements and self defense, this martial art is traditional, common, and popular among children and young adults. It teaches non-violence, encourages conflict resolution, and discipline in movements and practice, and recommends sparring for exercise and focus. Sparring Karate in Sydney at Head Academy is taught with control and touch for points, no blows are actually landed, and the partners work together through movements. Used as self defense, it is a tool for getting out of situations safely and deterring bullies and attackers.


Boxing is a contact sport involving the hands and arms, but the movements will tone the entire body and create bonds with those who train together. Gear is affordable and widely available, and it teaches smooth movements and fast responses. It requires following the movements of the opponent to anticipate what will come next and respond to it. This improves balance, coordination, and attention to the movements of others.


Common in school gym classes and high school competitions this combat sport teaches using your own body weight to overcome the person you are grappling with. The intent is not to hurt them but to move together in a way that is intentional and to outthink what the next move is to get the upper hand. Points are awarded by pins and moves, with no one being knocked out or hurt in order to determine a winner. Good for building strength and responses to others movements it is popular for using excess energy and bonding with others on the team.


One of the most popular combat sports around the world, jiu-jitsu, can be found in all parts of the world and is only second to striking in MMA as one of the more popular disciplines to train in. This sport focuses on grappling and how to use momentum in order to allow people to be on an equal footing, allowing smaller people such as children or women to fight back against people larger than them. With deliberate movements and the ability to use all available muscle strength and body weight to avoid being pinned or overcome.

Combat sports and martial arts are often considered to be rooted in violence and fighting, when they are most often used to improve focus, control muscle movements with intent, and provide discipline. These sports can help to relieve stress and provide guidance in managing excess energy or improve behaviour and focus in school and other activities. Violence for the sake of violence is discouraged and those who spar together form bonds of friendship and comradery rather than competition. The movements are deliberate, and responses to the other person can become instinctive, and the attention paid to the movements of others increases naturally.

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