What leather hat is best for you Choosing a leather hat

If you are an outdoor person, leather hat is the best for you. They are prepared from leather which protects your head form sun burning and keeps your brain cool. Of course, leather hat has different styles according to your use.

If wearing leather hat only for the sake of fashion or style, you can choose any type of leather hats without thinking about its functionality in particular conditions. But if you want leather hats to serve their actual purposes and wear it in some specific circumstances like mountaineering, travelling and so on, there should be some necessary features in the leather hats.

How to choose a leather hat?

There can be several factors that affect when choosing a perfect leather hat:

1- The purpose of using this leather hat:

If you are going to use leather hat only as a fashion accessory, you can choose any type of leather hats. But if your leather hat will serve any specific purpose like hiking, hunting and others it should have needed features that help leather hat to keep your head warm or cool depending on conditions.

2- Basic leather hat shapes:

Leather hats can be made with one of two basic shapes. They are Bucket and fedora leather hats. Bucket leather hats almost cover the top of your head which is very useful in cold weather, but it does not protect your ears and neck part from sun rays. Fedora leather hats normally have shorter brims than bucket leather hats and they mostly show better look on trendy people.

3- Style:

There is a big difference between leather style and style for fashion or trend. Leather style means natural leather that shows its original characteristics like skin folds, natural color variations etc.. This type of leather normally uses to make hunting leathers. On other hand, Leather items that are meant for fashion are treated with chemicals to make leather smooth.

4- Budget:

If you are looking for leather hats on low budget, I recommend buying leather hat for fashion purpose only. Because leather style leather hats look graceful but they are mostly more expensive than leather items that made for the sake of fashion.

5- Environmental factors:

Climate conditions should be considered before choosing a leather hat because there is different type of leather, which is more appropriate according to environmental conditions. For example, Bucket leather hats are perfect in hot weathers while fedora style leather hats are good options in cold climates because this type of hat covers your ears and neck part which creates warmness around your head under colder conditions.

6- The firmness of the brim edge leather hat:

This factor is mostly neglected when choosing leather hats, but it can be important when considering leathers that are used in certain conditions. For example, leather hats that are highly wind resistant need to have leather brim with firm edges in order to hold its shape in high winds.

Choosing leather outback hat for men

There are several factors you should consider when buying a leather outback hat. As I mentioned earlier, the purpose of using leather hat plays an important role in choosing one type of leather outback hat or another. If you want to buy leather outback hats for more than just fashion style and use them outdoors like hiking or travelling then following factors will help you choose the best choice:

Brim shape:

If you have planned leather outback hats only to wear them only occasionally then bucket style leathers will be a perfect choice because they cover your head completely which gives a sense of warmth in very cold climates. However, if you wish to take your leather outback hat on hunting tours, travelling or hiking trips then fedora style leather hat will be a better choice for you because leather brim in this type of leather hat not only protects your eyes from sun rays but also helps to keep the leather hat away from dust and dirt.


If leather hats are meant to use outdoors, then they should have some additional features that help them protect your head from different conditions like wind, rain, snow etc. So leather outback hats made with genuine leather with good quality stitching and firm leather brim edge.

Choosing leather outback hat for women

Leather Outback hats for women can be divided into two main groups as per their shapes: Bucket leather outback hats and Fedora style leather hats which is most suitable according to environmental conditions.

1- Bucket leather outback hats:

Wearing bucket leather outback hats is popular among women and girls all over the world because leather brim of this type of leather hat protects your forehead, nose and eyes. However, some people complain that leather brim in bucket style leather hat covers their vision completely which reduces visibility to one direction only.

  2- Fedora style leather outback hats:

If you want to get rid of such problems by wearing a leather Outback Hat then you should choose fedora style leather hats for women because they can protect your face from dust and dirt while sun rays don’t harm your eyes. The best thing about these types of leathers is that you can wear them with different styles according to latest fashion trends.

If leather hats are meant to use outdoors, then they should have some additional features that help them protect your head from different conditions like wind, rain, snow etc. So, leather outback hats made with genuine leather with good quality stitching and firm leather brim edge.Leather hats are very popular among men, women and children to make them look stylish among others. There are many leathers hat styles available in leather shops but it is necessary to know all types of leathers suitable for your surrounding conditions. So before choosing leather outback hat you should know the purposes of using leather hats then choose the best option that suits your purposes.

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