What Is Toy Shield Any Its Importance:


Toy Shield instances were the imaginative and prescient of creditors that now not most effective had the want for custom healthy cases but had criticisms at the options that had been currently available.  So after speakme with numerous creditors and getting opinions from special MOC creditors about case needs and criticisms, we ended up expanding on the good and cutting out the awful, and Toy Shield was born.

Why Is It So Important?

Plastic instances are a terrific manner to hold your series covered from accidental harm and dust.  People underestimate dust accumulation and how harmful it is able to be over the years.  Even cleansing off dust can add micro-scratches to touchy elements of the parent like the plastic bubbles and sleek card backs.  

People that want to dangle figures on the wall can harm the punch tab hole with the aid of hanging them immediately from the card (now not to say it’s now not an alternative for “unpunched” card backs), and if they are by accident knocked off the wall (it happens!) it could be devastating without a plastic case.  

The obvious preference for display for most collectors is acrylic instances, due to their tough shielding nature and streamlined look, but the down aspect is the acute excessive charge in comparison to the softer plastic PVC cases of toy Shield. Read more about Alibaba Blog

What Makes Toy Shield?

  1. Larger the front window

Since a very huge enchantment to several MOC collectors is the packaging itself, it made the maximum feel to keep the visible region the biggest viable at the cases we make.  Certain competitors will make the bubbles on their instances forestall halfway up the case then move flat. 

which distorts the packaging emblem and card back artwork, which a few creditors remember to be critical because of the toy itself. So at Toy Shield, we attempted to reduce the quantity of visible warping and supply the biggest show window viable.

  1. Stackable

The floor area on the front is maximized to permit clean and robust stacking.  Certain competitors cut the bubble aid off halfway up the card back, and it makes stacking them risky.  Also, the rims aren’t rounded like our opposition due to the fact this will grow the hazard of a stack falling.

  1. Sits up instantly

An opportunity to strike the figures up from the grasp tab at the instances is to display the status up on shelves or different flat show surfaces.  Certain competitions that have comparable instances make the instances centered on wall placing, however, while you try to stand them on a shelf, they lean ahead because of the lip on the bottom being taller than the guide at the front.  At Toy Shield, we redesigned the instances to take a seat directly up and down to leave your show options open.

  1. Price

Our aim is to hold the rate considerably lower than our competition and make it cheap to put a case on each discern to maintain your collection safe.

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