Surrogacy is not an unknown word now for any of us. It has become customary in this era. Anyone can use this procedure for having a baby. Thus the leihmutter agentur der prof Feskov is already working for this purpose. People go for surrogacy for two reasons. Firstly, the Inability to be a parent due to their health issues or any other issue. Secondly, They want a baby without being pregnant. Now we will discuss some facts about surrogacy. It’s all about a choice of people. In both cases, another woman carries the child of another couple for nine months.

Types of surrogacy:

Gestational surrogacy:

This type is the most common type of surrogacy where IVF fertilizes the future mother’s egg or a donor to gestation place in the uterus of a surrogate mother. May she carry the child for nine months, but genetically there is no relation between mother and baby. This procedure of surrogacy is 100% secure and safe.

Traditional Surrogacy:

In this future type mother has nothing to do because, in this case, they use the surrogate mother’s egg fertilized by a material of the baby’s future father or a donor.  Technically, in this case, the surrogate becomes the baby’s genetic mother.

Famous countries for surrogacy:

So many famous countries have already legalized this method for having a child. And fortunately, they are successful in this matter. The countries that legalized the procedure of reproduction are Georgia, the US, Ukraine, Russia and many other states. 

Although They have allowed surrogacy in their states, nevertheless there are so many restrictions as well. And if you want to hire a surrogate for having a child, you have to follow all these restrictions.

Surrogacy procedure used in the world:

In the world, many states are allowing this reproduction procedure bit at the same time; each state has different procedures for surrogacy according to their medical specifics. Kenya has also allowed this process, but they are not so famous because of their particular location and the level of their medical services.

The level of surrogacy is pretty good in America but having a baby through a surrogate is extremely expensive in the US. Not everyone can afford it in the US.

If we look at the European Continent, you can use this service in Greece and the Czech, but all you have to do is follow all the restrictions. For example, if the surrogate has not signed on child abandonment papers, she could leave with the child if she wants, and you can’t do anything about it.

Excess is possible in every country, no matter how good they are in reproduction procedure. But Russia is very option for a surrogate mother. In Russia, this case happened before that the surrogate mother did not give two children to their biological parents just because the service agreement did not guarantee its execution.


We have discussed some facts about leihmutterschaft, and somehow, this is an establishment that a mother can have a baby without getting pregnant. But this is a costly procedure, and not every person can afford it. On the other hand, parents have to look out for all the restrictions regarding this matter. Evert country has different limits. Meanwhile, the surrogate agency of prof Feskov is doing great. If you want to be a mother, but you can not be pregnant, or you want to be a mother without being pregnant, then surrogacy is the best option. But choose the better state and after satisfying take any decision but keep all restrictions in your mind.

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