What Is Paid Search Marketing and Do You Need It?

With how many businesses are visible online, it’s not easy to get attention. This is true even if you have a larger company. You have countless organizations trying to make a name and advertise online.

That’s why paid marketing is so effective on the internet. You can quickly show your brand to potential customers and let people know what you offer. And when paid ads offer a 200% ROI when you do them right, it makes sense to start as soon as possible.

Paid search marketing is a great way to jumpstart your company’s success and start acquiring customers, so it pays to learn what it is and how it will help. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about paid search advertising.

What Is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid search marketing is an internet advertising strategy that lets companies bid for keywords on search engines to try and win the top spot in the search results. You gather a list of keywords, create headlines and descriptions for ads, build a landing page, and put in a bid on your target keywords.

Your goal is to have one of the highest bids doing this. If you do, you’ll show up in one of the top spots and get traffic to your website.

Once you get your campaign up and running, your goal will be to monitor your progress to see how well your ads perform. You’ll have several ad variations running at once, so you want to see which ones produce the best results.

You’ll cut the losing ads after this and leave the winning ads. From there, you’ll continue optimizing the winners until you get the most return on your money from your ads.

What Are the Benefits of a Paid Search Campaign?

Now that you understand more about paid search, you’ll need to learn why it’s worth investing in these ads. Below are all the benefits you’ll see when launching a paid search marketing campaign.

Target Specific Customers

Finding targeted traffic is one of the most challenging parts of marketing online. In a general approach, you’re hoping that the people who see your messages are likely to buy. There aren’t enough targeting capabilities to check and see if someone is in the mood to buy a product.

You can bypass this problem when you use paid ads. Since you’re bidding on keywords on a search engine, you can specifically target search terms that indicate someone is willing to buy. These are commercial intent terms, so they’re people who have already done the research and are ready to pull out their credit cards.

That means you can create more targeted pages that convince people to buy. If you decide to target people in other phases of the buying cycle, you can create landing pages for those people too. That will let you push people into a buying cycle to make them warmer leads and get sales in the future.

Instant Traffic

Free marketing methods are great for gaining traffic over time, but they don’t always lead to an immediate surge in attention. You have to build up traffic sources like SEO to see results. If you need to run tests and start generating money now, you can’t wait for that to happen.

Yes, you will pay money on paid search ads. But you’ll get immediate traffic to your website as a result.

That means you can test product ideas and marketing messages immediately to see how people respond. Sure, you’ll lose some cash while you wait for results and optimize your ads. However, this is a much faster way to grow your business if you have the marketing budget to invest.

Gather Data

Data is one of the most important things to collect when you run a company. You need to understand who your customers are and where they come from on the internet. Paid ads will help you collect this data.

You’ll get data from your ad campaign and your website analytics when you run a marketing campaign. A professional company like Silverback Strategies will use your ad results to figure out the demographics of people buying your products and the terms they look for when making a purchase.

You can use this data in other marketing campaigns like SEO and social media. It will help you create more targeted messaging on these platforms and better appeal to people who may have an interest in your products.

Increased Brand Presence

More sales aren’t the only benefit you’ll see when using paid ads. One of the hardest parts of growing a new business is getting people to learn about your company. Even if someone isn’t interested in buying, it still makes sense to get your name out there when someone decides to look for products to buy in the future.

Paid ads will help you do this. You won’t convert every customer but will increase your brand presence. That means people will look to your company the next time they’re ready to spend money and not have to learn about your business without any previous exposure.

Scale Your Results

You’ll probably start small when beginning with paid ads. Since you’ll probably lose money initially, you must be careful with your ad budget and quickly figure out what works.

However, that changes once you find profitable ad creatives. Once you learn what works best on paid search, you can increase your ad budget and start scaling your campaigns. That leads to the ability to grow your profit in a short amount of time.

Start Your First Paid Search Digital Marketing Campaign

You have your work cut out for you if you want to grow a business. There is more competition than ever in every industry, so you must work hard to make your brand’s name known.

If you’re looking for a way to get visits to your company’s website quickly, paid search marketing is a great way to get the job done. Start your first Google Ads campaign today to start driving web traffic.

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