What is a white label survey?

A white-label survey is a company’s or organization’s survey that is branded with its logo, logo colors, text, and other identifiers. A white-label survey allows you to track customer preferences while also protecting your brand.

When some new product or service is coming out and you want to know some information about it, you can do a white-label survey and share the findings with the company.

Advantages of White Label Survey

A survey is a very important part of online marketing and surveys that are white-labeled are the best.

white label survey have a lot of benefits. They save companies a lot of money. There is no need to hire a marketing company to conduct a survey when it can be done in-house.

The big benefit of this type of survey is you can know what your customers want without them knowing where it came from.

There are several other benefits to white label surveys as well which are discussed below.

The First benefit is the branding capability. When a company conducts a survey, they can add their logos or branding elements to any part of the survey, whether it is the survey subject, the survey content, or the survey questions.

Secondly, the people conducting the survey will never know which company conducted the survey, which can be an advantage for sensitive topics.

Another is, white-label surveys allow for increased honesty because the people taking the survey will never know which company provided the feedback.

Last but not the least, white labels surveys are anonymous for the people taking the survey, making it unlikely that people will be scared off by things like personal information.

This way, you can get honest and accurate feedback on what your customers want and what concerns them.

How Can you Create a While Label Survey?

It is possible to create a white label survey using websites like SurveyMonkey or YouGov.

These sites allow you to set up multiple user logins with different logins to the same account.  The white label survey form will collect responses anonymously and the survey creator will be able to analyze the data.

After you\’ve completed your survey, you can export it to a CSV file which is the format that most statistical software programs use to read data. You can then upload your CSV file to your analysis software

Survey responses will be collected anonymously so the survey creator will be able to analyze the data.

This is useful in situations in which you want to create surveys for multiple companies without them knowing about each other. If they require in-depth customer information, they will then need to sign up for the account themselves.


So long story short, white label surveys have a lot of potentials to make you successful in your field. If you have a website with a user base, you should consider White Label Survey as an analytics tool. White Label Survey is an analytics tool that can help you to take your website to the next level. You can use the insights from the survey to better connect with your target market.

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