What Croc Accessories Are Most Popular?

One of the most popular croc shoe accessories is Jibbitz.

These are removable button-like charms that fit into holes in crocs. People worldwide wear jibbitz and add a bit of color and fun to their crocs.



Whether you have a pair of lace-up or sandal Crocs, you can add a fanciful charm to your footwear. Jibbitz charms are available in various styles and colors to fit any occasion and personality. These shoe charms are easy to attach and remove and work with many shoe styles, including strapped Crocs. These shoe charms are also available as tie-on charms.

The most popular Jibbitz are those shaped like matchboxes. The word “lit” appears on them; they’re fun and trendy! Jibbitz is also available in rainbow colors and other fun designs. Because they’re not large, you can use several of them to accent different Crocs styles. Jibbitz can also be customized with a person’s initials or graduation year, adding a special style and fun to your Crocs!

Crocs Classic Clog White Cream Jibbitz Charm


With the recent popularity of “ugly” shoes, Crocs has gotten into the fun-loving, food-themed clog game. The company has worked with artists from all over the world, including Justin Bieber. The Crocs Classic Clog White Cream Jibbitz Charm is a perfect example of this collaboration. The shoe features a Lucky Charms toe box and a Lucky Charms charm with a pot of gold on the heel strap.

A white, cream, or black Croc is the perfect accessory for Jibbitz. These fun shoe clips are designed to attach to your crocs. When used with a graphic t-shirt, Jibbitz will match well with it. However, a white or black pair will complement most outfits if you prefer a neutral color. However, if you’d like to make your crocs more colorful, go for the Beige color instead. These are more versatile and feel more fashion-forward than other neutrals.

Holiday-themed Jibbitz


Crocs have a corner on the shoe charms market with their popular Jibbitz decorations. These shoe charms come in almost every design you could want. Although they are more expensive than similar products by other brands, the holiday-themed Jibbitz are worth every cent. Besides the quality, you can find several different designs. You can wear your Jibbitz together for a festive look.

The Holiday Cheer 5 Pack includes red and green charms featuring a Christmas sweater, mistletoe, gingerbread man, and snowflake. Bright Holiday Ornament Pack features pastel-colored charms with a stocking, ornament, and holiday. These holiday-themed Jibbitz can be purchased separately or in combination with a Croc. While they’re not as decorative as some other Croc accessories, they’re still very functional.

Monogrammed Jibbitz


Personalized shoe charms are a growing trend among Millenials and Gen Z, and Crocs are no exception. In collaboration with customer experience agency LiveArea, Crocs has created the Jibbitz Personaliser, a way for customers to personalize their footwear with personalized charms. Choose from an array of sayings, letters, sports, emojis, and more to customize your Crocs.

Jibbitz, popular accessories for Crocs, can be personalized with any initial. From party animals to movie characters, Jibbitz is easily attached to the top of Crocs with their corresponding laces. These accessories are available in several different styles and themes and can be found at shoe stores and retail locations everywhere. The charms are easy to attach, and the bottom black part must line up with the hole in your Croc.


Crocs Jibbitz is fun and trendy. A popular option is the Unicorn Peg Jibbitz. It features a white horse with a rainbow mane and horn. Other popular designs include Disney characters and the Harry Potter houses. If you have a favorite pop culture character, you can also personalize your Crocs by purchasing a Jibbitz charm with that character’s name on it. Jibbitz is not large but can add a personal touch to any shoe.

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