What Can You Do With Business Graduate Certificate?

A business graduate certificate is tailor-made for working professionals who seek rapid career progression in high-growth business areas. The degree deepens and advances the understanding of management with a focus on building innovative and insightful leaders who have the potential to change the world. The skills obtained in a business graduate certificate prepare professionals for a business career, which they can apply to any sector.

Earning a business graduate certificate is a proven pathway to upskill as a global leader. The program offers a more focused path to success in the business domain. So, this blog will explore what we can do with a business graduate certificate.

Jobs with a business graduate certificate

The demand for business graduates has grown steadily over the last decade. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in business occupations is expected to increase by 8 percent between 2020 and 2030. The BLS report suggests that about 750,800 job openings for business professionals are projected each year. With problem-solving skills.

Now let’s focus on the jobs where you can apply your management skillsets to flourish in the business domain.

1. Healthcare Services Manager

Healthcare is among the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. Today, healthcare management jobs are not restricted to hospitals. Individuals with a business graduate certificate can find handsome paying jobs across private and public healthcare facilities, insurance firms, multi-specialty hospitals, and consulting firms. A day in the life of a Healthcare Services Manager includes managing services at a healthcare facility and developing the policies for running things smoothly.

2. Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analysts are in massive demand due to the rising competition among enterprises. Market Research Analystscollect insights and data focused on consumer behavior to gain an edge over competitors. They further consolidate data into actionable reports to understand the core objectives of business and monitor marketing trends.

3. Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst must possess a deep understanding of accounting, economics, finance, statistics, and mathematics to create a positive impact on the employer. These professionals dig out investment opportunities, analyze financial data, generate financial performances report, and evaluate previous results and performances.

4. Business Analyst

Business Analysts are among the most paid professionals in the industry. The handsome paychecks awarded to Business Analysts make their investment in the business graduate degree worthwhile. The Glassdoor report suggests that a Business Analyst in Canada makes CA$ 69,954 per year. These professionals are responsible for analyzing the market and assessing the product lines of the business.

5. Supply Chain Manager

If truth be told, the arrival of several e-commerce platforms has revolutionized the way of doing business. However, you need to gain information technology and automation skills and knowledge. Taking up a business graduate certificate provides aspiring business professionals with in-depth expertise in economics and market dynamics. With problem-solving skills, Supply Chain Managers can ace the art of resolving any complex issues in business.

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