What Are the Benefits To Open A Demat Account?

DEMAT ACCOUNT or we can say Dematerialized account. A Demat account is an electronic form to hold and store the shares and securities. Demat account is making trading simple for the users. Demat account services are provided by depositories like NSDL s(national securities depository ltd) and CDSL (central depositories services India ltd.).In earlier times, shares were held in the physical form as paper certificate. But now all shares, debentures, mutual funds, etc can be easily held in Demat account, and trading is happening through this in an online mode.Even you can open Demat account online and can start trading, which is accessible from anywhere.


  • The Demat account aims to make easy trading and easy transfer of shares. We can transfer into few hours as earlier used to take months.
  • Demat accounts provide electronic forms of shares to protect from risks, for example, damages, misplacement, a forgery which usually happened in an earlier time when shares were in physical form.
  • You can freeze your account temporarily by submitting a request to the DP. Whenever we want we can de-freeze the account,only need to submit a request to the DP in an appropriate format.
  • India has two depositaries, namely national securities depositaries limited and central depository services limited. NSDL is the first depository in India to offer trading of shares and securities in a dematerialized way or online.NSDL includes off-market transfer,collateral,lending and de-materialization, settlement of exchanges, and re-materialization. On the other side, CSDL came into the market after NSDL. CSDL is the second largest securities depository in India. The main services provided by CSDL are to hold stocks,bonds,government securities,debentures,mutual funds, etc. 


  1. PAN card
  2. Aadhar card
  3. Live photo holding your signature on paper
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Bank statement/canceled cheque

These are the main documents needed to open a Demat account and hold your securities online and faster settlement of the benefits. 


  • Stores various investments here
  • Easy access online from anywhere
  • Elimination of the risk of paper-based shares certificates.
  • Convenient share storage and transfer
  • Bonus, stock splits get automatically updated.
  • No TDS deduction for Demat securities.
  • Demat account information and statement are regularly sent to the customer.
  • Easily transfer in between two depositories
  • Convenient transmission formalities in case of death of a holder.
  • Speed transfer of benefits like bonuses, dividends. rights etc.


  1. Account holder/s must submit the completed form.
  2. The holder must sign the form in the presence of an official from the DP.
  3. A stamped and signed copy of the crystal report from the central depositary of the new account.
  4. All unused instruction sheets must be canceled and returned
  5. Submission and verification of the identity proof copy by a bank official are mandatory.
  6. Names and details of Demat account holders.

So open a Demat account is not a long and tough process and now free Demat account services are provided by the Indian depositories through a stockbroker, depository participant. 5paisa is a website where we can open our Demat account in just 5 minutes, no need to go anywhere is just an online procedure and 5paisaprovide mutual funds, gold, stocks, insurance all in one on this platform. Providing free investment ideas to the holders. 5paisais just next generations trading platform.

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