Web Scraping For Freelance Techies

Web scraping is a great way to get access to relevant data. People need the information to grow their business, expand their advertising campaigns, and get more clients. Web scraping helps people get a lot of information by scraping various websites. 

People can collect structured data with web scraping in a matter of minutes. Residential proxies make the process of web scraping easier and more efficient. This data can be converted from one format to another in minutes. Using a residential proxy network to scrape information can help you gain an edge over your competitors. 

How Can Web Scraping Help Freelancers?

Web scraping as a part-time job can help freelancers make more money from the comfort of their homes.  Data collection from web scraping requires little effort and pays well in the long run. If a freelancer tries to work hard to get better at web scraping, it can become a regular job than their current employment. Here is how freelancers can get the most out of web scraping. 

Deliver Data On Time 

When working for corporations, time is money. Web scraping helps freelancers deliver the data on time by using residential proxies. Many enterprises don’t have the time to hire people solely for web scraping but they need information about their competitors. That is where freelancers come in.

They provide the data in a structured format so companies can overcome their competition. This data helps them research market trends, improve hiring processes, and advertise products at a fast pace. They are also willing to pay a huge sum for data that is delivered on time. 

Save Time

Time is the only thing that is precious for freelancers. If they spend all their time collecting data, they would be sitting in front of a computer 24/7. Web scraping offers freelancers a chance to take a breath and relax. When a freelancer uses a residential proxy to scrape data it takes only 2 to 3 seconds to send a request. 

Freelancers can use their free time to learn more about data mining. Since web scraping is used as a part-time job, freelancers don’t need to spend a lot of time learning the basics of coding and programming. Everyone who uses a computer can learn web scraping in a limited amount of time. 

No Coding Required

Freelancers don’t have to use coding to carry out web scraping. They can scrape data by using various tools. Tools like ScrapeBox, Octoparse, and Parsehub do the coding for you. These tools are easy to use and help you get the data you require. 

A web scraper needs to place a URL in a web scraping tool.  Once the URL is loaded, the user will add the complete HTML code for the website. The web scraping tool will take care of the coding and collect all the data on the web page. Users can also scrape a specific section of the data. The last step is to collect the output of the data and save it in the required format. 

Larger Freelancing Market 

Once you get a hold of web scraping, you will be able to get regular clients. Companies are willing to pay good money to freelancers to Fiverr and Upwork to scrape data for them. Start working on your routine and learn how to scrape data at a moderate level. Your skills will develop as you get more clients and get automated results in a short time. 

Overcoming IP Restrictions

Most freelancers are not aware of the IP restrictions on websites of various companies. If you start web scraping at a high speed and send requests from the same IP address, it will be blocked. Multinational companies protect their data from prying eyes to maintain their place at the top of the food chain.

Residential proxies help freelancers overcome these IP restrictions. They send requests to websites posing as human beings rather than bots. As a result, they form a private connection to the internet without raising a red flag. 

Building A Repertoire

Freelancing is all about building a repertoire. Getting clients is not easy. So when you set foot into the web scraping world and start small. As you gain more experience, you will build your reputation gradually. Clients will be more interested in contacting someone with a better reputation than hiring a novice. 

Start learning about tools and web scraping techniques that save time and money. Take an hour out of your daily routine to check all the details of the tools. Scrape websites that do not have any restrictions and collect random data. Once you can use web scraping tools with ease, you will start to gain confidence and get more clients. 

Therefore, freelancers can use web scraping to find data to find better projects. On the other hand, they can use web scraping to provide data to multinational companies and increase their outreach. Even if you consider scrapping the data for yourself, you can uncover hidden opportunities for yourself. 


Web scraping is the ultimate solution for data problems. Once you get a residential proxy, web scraping becomes easier and quicker. Freelancing is a great way to make money and using proxies offers people a chance to get good business in a matter of days. Web scraping does not require any coding experience. That is why it is becoming one of the best side hustles for freelancers. 

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