VSI Jaipur Preparation Tips for CA Final Subjects for the Best Results

Even after preparing for each of the CA final subjects religiously, we have seen many students are very nervous about their CA Final Result Dec 2021. CA Final exam is one of the toughest to crack in India and proper planning. Even after the hard work and dedication, students are lacking guidance and a subject-wise approach.

Here we have brought you the practical preparation tips for the CA Final subjects that VSI Jaipur has suggested to all the students. VSI Jaipur is the leading CA Final coaching institute in India that has given amazing results in the past years. The institute’s students have also secured seven times AIR-1 in the last few years with the help of these preparation tips and with the guidance of VSI. So, stick to this article and know those best tips to complete your CA Final Course.

CA Final Subject-wise Preparation Tips

Each subject of CA Final is different from the other and is there to test candidates’ command over separate topics. So, you must prepare yourself very smartly to secure a good score. For your best preparation, you can follow up the tips as given below,

Preparation Tips for CA Final Group 1 Subjects

1. Financial Reporting

In this paper, you can score higher marks in the first topic, i.e., Accounting Standards, so go through the topic very attentively. Moreover, for preparation of this CA Final subject, you can go in a sequence with other topics.

2. CA Final SFM

Paper 2 needs a lot of practice. This is why students must build a habit of solving 6-7 questions daily. Although the paper is lengthy, do not leave a single topic. Solve mock test papers and try to complete the papers on time.

3. Audit

This CA Final group 1 subject is critical not only from an examination point of view but also for the articleship. Although this paper is not so much scoring, students still have to clear their topics of auditing that will guide them in articleship. Also, give particular focus on the ICAI guidance notes and the amendments.

4. Law

The essential tip for this exam is to prepare your handwritten notes since it is a theory paper. These notes will assist you best in the last days before exams while doing the revisions.

Preparation Tips for CA Final Group 2 Subjects

5. Costing

Start preparing for this exam from the case studies. Make a habit of studying the case study and analyzing the pattern; once you learn to solve the case studies, move to the other topics.

6. Elective papers

Scoring in these CA Final optional subjects will be easy if you can read and comprehend the case studies. Also, it has the pattern of an open book.

7. DT

Direct Tax is a practical subject that needs a good understanding and proper clarification of the topics. For a better understanding of this subject, students can use real-life situations. This will make the subject somewhat understandable.

8. IDT

Among all the CA Final group 2 subjects, it is a crucial subject that covers a major portion of the exam. This is why these subjects require more attention and are also significant for articleship.

CA Final Preparation Tips

Apart from the CA Final subject-wise tips, students should also be aware of other preparation tips that can help them study in better ways. So for the same, here are some exam-oriented preparation tips for the CA Final candidates by VSI,

1. Prepare a strict Timetable and Stick to it

Students must prepare a proper timetable for themselves instead of thinking about the topics to start. Divide the appropriate time and days for each CA Final exam subject that should be practical. AT VSI, every student gets a strict timetable to follow as per their requirements that trains them accordingly.

2. Do the Hard Work

Hard work is a must to achieve the desired CA Final result, which should also be combined with smart work. VSI Jaipur sets a competitive and challenging working environment for the students. It starts with the rigid course completion frames and then the mock tests that quickly help students pinpoint their flaws and revise the complete syllabus. All these strenuous efforts by students help in achieving results.

3. Make your Concepts Clear

In this exam, students cannot pass by memorizing the topics alone; a good clarity and command over the topic are a must to solve the answers. This is why the main goal at VSI is to clarify each concept to each student to retain it for a long time. Also, the student must clear all their doubts to understand better. For the same, VSI Jaipur conducts regular problem-solving sessions.

4. Solve MTPs and Previous Year Question Papers

Learning alone cannot bag up good marks for you in exams. This is why proper practice and revisions are required for each CA Final subject, especially the last year’s questions. This is the portion in which VSI puts high emphasis. VSI makes sure the students have solved the maximum previous year question, which is also included in compilers by VSI. Apart from this, the mock tests conducted by VSI play an excellent role in practising questions.

Why Join VSI CA Final Coaching?

VSI Jaipur is the ultimate destination for the CA Final students to get the best guidance. If you are willing to score high in your CA Final, then VSI will give you the best directions. Some of the primary reasons why the students should join VSI for CA Final Coaching are:

  • Timely Course Completion: The duration of the CA Final Course in VSI is of five months so that the students can get sufficient time to prepare and revise the syllabus. The experienced faculty in VSI ensures to complete the syllabus of each CA Final subject on time.
  • Study Materials: VSI provides high-quality study materials to the students which are easy to understand and learn. These study materials are prepared by the expert faculty of each subject with reference to the ICAI syllabus and modules.
  • Mock Test: Mock Tests are the most powerful weapon for the students that help them to understand the pattern and questions asked in the exams. The mock test set at VSI Jaipur does include all the topics and take reference to the ICAI materials such as previous years question patterns. Students get 3 mock tests for each CA Final subject
  • Personalized Guidance: At VSI, personalized guidance is provided to each student on the basis of their mock test results. Students are analysed on the basis of their knowledge and ability and then a separate study plan is made for each student to follow.

With these significant features, VSI has assisted thousands of students in cracking the CA Final Exam and securing the best results. These are the primary reasons one should opt for VSI CA Final Coaching. For any further information regarding classes and admissions, you can contact +91-9901798000 or visit the VSI Jaipur official website.


Therefore, VSI Jaipur has given excellent CA Final Results for more than a decade. The VSI students have bagged seven AIR-1 in the last ten years. In the CA Final Result of 2021, Garima Kothari from VSI secured AIR-8. The students securing these results have given great credit to the preparation tips of VSI for their results. So, you can also bag good ranks in CA Final under the guidance of VSI.

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