Unlocking the Benefits of Elliptical Workouts: How This Machine Can Transform Your Fitness Routine

Finding the perfect workout that fits your schedule and one you actually enjoy doing is really important. Cardio is an important piece you don’t want to miss. Getting your muscles engaged and moving is another. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying different machines and self weight workouts.

For me, an elliptical workout was a total game changer. I was able to increase my training time, which had been hard to do with my knees. If you’re wanting something for your whole body and that gives your heart a good go, I recommend checking ellipticals out. Here’s why:

You Can Go Longer and Harder with an Elliptical Workout

One thing to know – these machines are low impact. This is fantastic for a lot of people who aren’t looking to put a bunch of extra stress on their joints. I really need ease on my knees. Hopping on an elliptical, I can go a lot further than other types of cardio drills. Afterwards my knees and legs actually feel good. I don’t get agitated and swollen. If you deal with similar limitations, try an elliptical and see how you feel. It could be the perfect fit for you.

Heart Gets a Healthy Pump and Lungs Expand Their Capacity

Ideally, this is exactly what you’re looking for. When you go through an elliptical workout, your cardiovascular system gets a good jump. You need to start breathing more to get through these routines. This helps you open up the capacity of your lungs.

With these cardio workouts, you’re also giving a lot of attention to your heart. Getting a good heart pump really does your body good. When you have a healthy heart, you can avoid a lot of potential problems. I’ve found improvement here and all over which has been nice.

Target Most of Your Muscles for a Sweet Full Body Routine

What’s wonderful about these machines is you can go hard on the lower body and relax the upper body. Or, you can work in the upper body to give your lower half a break, and then you’re in a full body swing. This ability to target different muscles means you can tone all over. Try going backwards on an elliptical and you’ll find different muscles are tensing and moving.

Couple this type of cardio conditioning with some body weight exercises or even some weight lifting for the ultimate body hack. When you work multiple types of drills, it keeps your body guessing. We tend to find the most success with this type of confusion and change up.

Longer and Easier Training Sessions with Your Elliptical

Get everything your body needs with the elliptical workout. I’m able to target the majority of my muscles with these types of machines. The ease an elliptical has on my joints allows me to go harder and longer. If you’re needing something that’s easy and gets the job done, take some time to look at them. Really, the benefits of these machines are endless.


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