Ultrasonic Flow Meter VS other Kinds of Flow Meters

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a very effective and stable measuring device that utilizes ultrasound to measure fluid velocity. It is used in areas where there is a need for high stability during fluid measurement. Its main benefit is that it is unaffected by temperatures, density, or concentration of liquids while measuring. It shows equal efficiency when measuring liquids and gases, and in the case of the former, it means a wide range of fluids. There are two types of ultrasonic flow meters, and each uses different technologies. One is called Doppler shift while the other transit-time.

The ultrasonic flow meters have greater accuracy than most other flow meters. It provides cost-effective flow measurement, and you must purchase the top-quality types from a reliable source. Since it is expensive, you need to make sure that you are buying from the right site like here at so that they last for a long time.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

There are quite a few advantages if you install it at your factory. Your selection must be good at knowing its features. If not, you may hire an experienced and skilled technician. Firstly, you must know the flow measurement type and whether the same is volumetric or mass flow measurement. You should also see the kind of liquid that the meter will measure, like liquid, gas, or slurry, and any special conditions such as the viscosity of the flow and the particulates.

You must then install it with the help of a skilled technical expert as this type of Flow Meter is pretty complex compared to other meters. When you have installed it, you will find that it does not block the path of liquid flow. The flow is bidirectional, and the meter’s response is always dynamic.

Again, you will find the meter fit and easy to maintain, and the versatility is good. It is noteworthy that the meter never contacts the liquid directly, and therefore there is no danger of leaks. Again, there are no moving parts or pressure loss. The biggest disadvantage is its price, and if you need one badly, you must be ready to budget for one. Even the meter’s accessories are costly and require a specialist to operate it and maintain it. However, it would help if you had a quality Paperless Recorder to record the measurement data over time. It will help the management make the right decisions about the fluid or gas flow.

Application of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

There are several applications of ultrasonic flow meters, and these are mostly used wastewater and slurry. The meters are particularly used where there is a need for chemical compatibility, low maintenance, and low-pressure drop. You need to analyze the volume flow both through processes and custody flow. It is also the best alternative for vortex and electromagnetic flowmeters.

If you think that the ultrasonic flow meter is expensive for measuring the gas flow, then you can choose the much cheaper gas flow meter and then buy the ultrasonic meter at a future date. Gas meters will measure a defined volume regardless of the gas’s pressure, quantity, or quality.

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