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Who does not know it? The pressure to perform in your studies is already high, but then there is that particular exam and the associated seminar that will give you sleepless nights. Once you have reached this point, it is advisable to get help so that the gaps do not get bigger every day and the fear of this one exam does not spark a general exam anxiety in you.

We spoke to the director of Student-Sky at Medic Mind Australia, Perth’s number one in tutoring for students and study support, and asked him about the usefulness of tutoring during studies.

Mr. Lushaj, why is tutoring for students useful?

“Many pupils aren’t used to being held accountable for their academic performance. Studying is frequently more tough than you remember from school. The training frequently needs some fundamental knowledge. If a student feels that he’s the only one in the room who doesn’t understand the fundamentals, he’ll be afraid, won’t dare to ask questions, and the gaps that emerged throughout the school day will widen during the course.

Taking tuition at this time is a good idea. In one-to-one tutoring, the student is taught the learning content required for a deeper comprehension of the subject matter at university, at his own speed. As a result, the student quickly learns what they need to know in order to keep up with their studies and pass their tests.”

When should students start tutoring?

“If a student is having difficulty following the learning content in a seminar or lecture, it is a good idea to begin tutoring in the topic as soon as feasible. The student may follow up on the seminar subject, practice it, and learn more about it with the help of the tutor. The sooner the gaps in the student’s knowledge are filled, the sooner he or she may rejoin the university seminar and stop relying on tutoring. If, on the other hand, you spend too much time and fail to learn the missing information on your own, the gaps in the topic will widen and eventually become impossible to close.”

Which subjects are in the highest demand and what does Student-Sky specialize in?

“Most of the students who take tuition in our institute study subjects in which mathematics, statistics or physics play a large part in their studies. These are, for example, subjects such as economics (business administration) or economics. Due to the high demand, we have therefore specialized in business administration, economics (micro & macroeconomics), statistics, mathematics, accounting / balancing, investment & financing, cost & performance accounting and physics.


Another focus is on preparing students for various English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS or CAE, which they need as part of their studies or as evidence for university applications. The GMAT, which is used as a global placement test at many universities around the world, is also a challenge for many students and is a popular subject in our tutoring institute. In addition to tutoring for students, we also offer exam preparation courses, study advice and corrections of scientific work such as the bachelor’s or master’s thesis. “

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How can students get in contact with Student-Sky?

“On the Internet, we may be found at Students may find out all they need to know about tutoring and how to contact them at Medic Mind Australia. Medic Mind Australia is situated across the street from our institute, in the center of Perth. Tutoring takes place in this location. We also provide students with online tutoring, allowing us to reach students all around Australia.”

Outline is the cornerstone of a good schedule

In order to master the degree, time management is one of the most critical aspects right from the start. The master’s thesis is no exception. After all, writing 80 to 120 pages will keep you occupied for several weeks. However, you’ll need a strong outline ahead of time to develop a suitable timetable. You can only work efficiently on your master’s thesis and provide an excellent letter if the structure has a logical framework.

As a result, before you begin writing about it, think about the theme organization for a few minutes. Do not, however, commit to a rigid framework; instead, adjust your structure as needed during your task. You can’t plan how you’ll write the next 120 pages in the beginning of the project. As a result, your blueprint should be flexible and allow you to make changes as needed.

What distinguishes Student-Sky?

“Student-Sky is one of the largest tutoring institutes in Australia and one of the few that specialize in professional tutoring for students. We only teach academics and lecturers who have completed their studies. In some cases, we have also represented mathematicians and physicists who are also professors as lecturers. Our trained staff has both the specialist knowledge and pedagogical skills to be able to cater to the students individually. With one-to-one lessons on site in Perth or online via Medic Mind Australia tutors can work on the personal weaknesses of the tutors. Here the student has the freedom and the time to ask all the questions he has until he has obtained the knowledge he needs. Through the one-to-one tuition, all of the attention is focused on the student, so that he or she can quickly achieve success through effective tutoring. Our tutoring concept of individual one-to-one tuition combined with the highest level of expertise is a testament to success, because 92 percent of the students who have prepared for their exam with the help of Student-Sky pass the first attempt. “

That was an interview with Mr. Jeton Lushaj, the director of Student-Sky – Professional tutoring for students in Perth and online.

If you would like to get a closer impression of the tutoring institute, visit our Masters Mess Perth at Medic Mind Australia. There will be a booth and a lecture by Student-Sky on the subject of “Theses”. Tutors and field experts are always there to help, assist you to cater to all your curriculum needs, medicine interview practice, and understanding related to your subject. Wait no more and get in touch with our expert tutors and let them serve to their level best.


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