Trends in coworking spaces to watch out in 2022

2022 is coming. All of us have new resolutions and plans for the upcoming year. No matter what role we occupy in the social structure, we have plans for the future. We are looking forward to setting greater and more challenging goals and striving towards achieving them. Competition in this era is severe and cut throat. Rivals are always eyeing towards becoming different and have an upper hand. This leads to the setting of new trends. No matter how much we predict trends, they are mercurial and subject to change at any time.

The sector of shared office spaces is booming. It is witnessing snowballing into a massive industry with demand from all corners of the globe. Therefore, to keep pace with it, coworking spaces must follow all the new trends and vogue fashion. So we have brought you a few of these trends to look out for in 2022.

They are as follows

1. A touch of AI:- No field in this world exists,  which  is untouched by Artificial intelligence. With increasing development in technology and the hassle free service it gives, and the rising preference of automation over anything manual has led to a state where we are less dependent on our teachers and more dependent upon google to answer our questions. Introduction of artificial intelligence into this sector happened years ago in the form of virtual

office assistant. By saying 2022 will witness an increased infusion of AI into coworking spaces really does not mean you will suddenly find robots carrying around tasks. It only denotes a gradually increasing reliance on technology.

2. Corporate coworking:- With unpredictable circumstances on the bay and the rise and fall of Several multinational corporations, other such conglomerates want to eliminate risks. So they are opting for coworking space in Bangalore to reduce their costs of sustenance. However, this is only one of the several reasons behind the continued rise of corporate coworking. Shared office spaces are now not just limited to freelancers or start ups. Even companies as prestigious as Deloitte are preferring this. Another reason is that studies have suggested that a coworking environment boosts the productivity of employees besides developing their hard and soft skills. In a nutshell, Coworking has many perks for corporations of all sizes and shapes.

3. Niche carving:- This is synonymous to group specialization. It could be in the form of women-only shared space, or only for specially abled, or for only employees with a shared goal. This a growing trend among plug and play offices. The main idea behind this structure is unity in diversity. It aims to bring together different people from diverse backgrounds yet having a shared feelings that can unite them and motivate each other. Women only shared office spaces are a huge hit among millennials and even older women. They are in a constant look out of a safe and secure place where there is a potential of good companionship and similar life struggles stories.

4. Rotational multipurpose spaces:- Another trend to look out for in 2022 is using a physical space indifferent manners. Several ways to do this is to replace the breakfast and dining halls of 5 star hotels into plug and play centers when the meal timings are over. Even airport lounges which had space allotted to spa rendered useless due to the covid protocols took a dive and transformed them. 2022 will see many such novel examples due to rising inflation and demand of office space.

5. Hybridized version of coworking:- Although this is already too deeply rooted in the current model of coworking, this trend is still on a rise and we don’t know how far it will go. Maybe it’s time for us to eat hybrid, live hybrid and even work hybrid. To prepare well for 2022, office spaces must gear up towards robot-manual professionalism. Tune in now to iKeva coworking venture’s website to get the latest updates on coworking trends and to acquire a shared office space that best suits your needs and compliments the vision and mission of your


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