Himachal Pradesh’s Top 9 Trekking Routes

Trekking in Himachal is pleasant as the different terrain of the Himalayan lap, the active valleys, and the luxuriant, verdant wetlands provide picturesque escapes from concrete cityscapes. The trekking area in the Himachal is a refreshing experience. The region contains several strenuous treks for thrilling hikers, tough routes for normal hikers, as well as easy paths for almost every fit traveler interested in walking on the pitch. It should be noted, however, that winter excursion, particularly on level grounds, are certainly not cakewalks. Here are some of Himachal’s top treks worth an attempt!

Top 9 Trekking Routes

1. Beas Kund

This hike to Beas Kund Glacial Lake, River Beas’s source, is a simple journey that demonstrates Himachal’s abundant natural beauty – valley, pasture, snow-capped peaks, and the glacier Beas. The footpath starts at the spectacular Solang Nallah, past Dhundi, and goes up to Beas Kund to Bakarthach. Seven sisters’ and Hanuman Tibba peaks from Dhundi are sighted, adding a great deal of enthusiasm to newcomers.

2. Bhrigu Lake

Relatively quick and easy walking to this glacial high-altitude lake, which is located in the middle of huge alpine wetlands rising up above the treeline is an enriching journey. This route from the village of Gulaba through the Gulaba meadows and Rola Kholi into the beautiful Bhrigu Lake is the specialty of steep yet manageable ascents over a few days. Snow-covered Pir Panjal, remote peripheral wind forests, glittering waterways changing hues, amazing night sky-star views when you camp overnight, and the Deo Tibba’s sights, Seven Sisters and Hanuman Tibba are likely to be remembered.

3. Dainkund Peak

This fast day trip to Dainkund is also a perfect place for people who want to spend their family vacations. Also, a long drive to Khajjiar lake is coupled with it. The footpath starts at the village of Alpha and passes through the woods opening onto the ridge ( 1,5 km) which goes to the Dainkund point of view, where a simple downhill walk leads travelers to a well-paved parking lot for driving back to Dalhousie or the next phase of the trip. The path is known for amazing views from Dainkund and on the road. Parts of the trail between the ridge and Dainkund Air Force Base offer difficulty and require particular attention.

4. Kheer Ganga

Depending on the trail taken, it might be difficult or easy to travel to this final active settlement in the Pin Valley area. The journey starts at Kheer Ganga from Barshaini to Tosh, where walkers are welcomed by hot springs in Parvati Kund. The tour begins at Kheer Ganga. The path through Rudra Nag proves to be difficult but is the delight of a photographer; nonetheless, the long way through Kalga is easier. In the background is the majestic river Parvati, a road twisting through the beautiful landscape, the peaceful picturesque settings of the welcoming Ganga Kheer, the little Shiva temple, and stressful hot waters are definitely a delight to the eyes and limbs!

5. Indrahar Pass

This worn path goes across rugged terrain covered with rocks and stones and often includes steep ascents, while a regular herd path leads to pastures in Lahaul and Upper Ravi region. Crossing dense forests, huge wetlands, rough trails from Kangra valley, Dharamsala to Chamba, a walk that offers an amazing view of the Pir-Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges, a glimpse of sacred Mani Mahesh Kailash peaks, widespread Himachal and indigenous plant and livestock species.

6. Kareri Lake

This voyage to Kareri Lake offers a wonderful journey in many ways – green forests interlaced with gleaming streams, wooden bridges, huge meadows, a clear lake with a beautiful lake bed, and indigenous wildlife and fauna. The waters are superficial, crystalline, and fresh since this lake is supplied by melted snow in the Dhauladhar Range and drowned by the Nylund River. From Dharamsala, also named Mcleodganj, the path crosses forested grounds and picturesque hamlets to the town of Kareri continues through deep foliage, ascent along the Nallah Kareri, and cross it several times before reaching Kareri Lake.

7. Chandratal – Baralacha

The crescent lake in a lovely environment is actually an enticing sight after a strenuous climb through dense forests, rich wetlands, stunning glaciers, little rivulets, seasonal flowers, and native species which add to the picturesque aspect of the path. Typically, several acclimatization hiking tours are taking place before headed out for Baralacha, one of the highest motorway crossings in the world, from Batal to Chandratal, further to Tokpo Gongma, and Tokpo Yongma. Another high-altitude lake Suraj Tal is reached by a short journey from Baralacha. Usually, a return journey to Manali is a drive.

8. Deo Tibba

The trekking trip to the Deo Tibba Base Camp (B.C) is exciting and delightful as the trail offers the opportunity to see nature in the best way possible: snow-covered peaks, spectacular waters – lakes, rivulets, cascades and Ravi rivers, forests, wide wilderness areas, fascinating flowers, divine glaciers, local wildlife remote villages and the dry and desolate landscape of the Lahaul from the Rhine Pass. This trek begins at Khanol via Seri to Tainta, and climbs upwards to Chandratal (mini) at Deo Tibba Base, before going back on the same road to Khanal. Views of Tainta cascades, Indrasan, and Deo Tibba summits are pretty worthwhile.

9. Hampta Pass

The trip to Passo del Hampta includes a mixture of stunning views and a medium-difficult trail. The verdant Kullu-Manali valley, the rough yet magnificent topography of Lahaul, the forests, rivers, rivers, birds, and colorful seasonal flowers are definitely a visual feast. The Hampta pass is always crossed via Chikka and Balu Ka Ghera. There are numerous paths. A five-day walk to the Hampta and Hampta villages from Jobra, through Chikka to Balu Ka Ghera and Siagoru.


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