Top Five Emojis That You’ve Been Using Wrong

The current society embraces remarkable change, where people can freely express their stand and valid emotions. Despite differences in language, country, and culture, communication is not difficult at all! Technology’s excellent work made it possible to express several messages hassle-free. The presence of internet slang words and emojis are very beneficial to people who are not great with words. It can represent many connotations and feelings. Like the emoji orange heart meaning warmth and comfort reflecting its color. 

Emoji comes in various colors, shapes, and forms. The way you look at a single emoji, you might already get its meaning. However, there are some that you may have overlooked and misinterpreted. Emojis can change the meaning of a message, and eventually, it can get you in trouble. Yes, emojis are incredibly confusing to look at. Here are the top five emojis that you’ve been using wrong. 

What are Emojis? 

Emojis first appeared on Japanese mobile phones during the late ’90s, and they influenced people on how they communicate. It is like hieroglyphs to those born in the digital era. Emojis may seem complicated, but it adds color to modern language. Moreover, several emojis depict people’s diversity and represent concepts like money, countries, flags, and religions, among many others. It helps people express themselves, build interaction, and establish an emotional tone. Without emojis, the conversation can sound monotonous and lose its spark. Research shows that people who use more negative emojis may be less emotionally stable. In contrast, people who use more positive emojis are extroverted individuals. Nowadays, emojis have amazingly conquered social networking sites. It is not just a millennial thing, but it is definitely for everyone!  

Top Five Misinterpreted Emojis

Women with Bunny Ears 👯

Girls often use this emoji to indicate twinning outfits or matchy vibes! Women with bunny ears emoji usually represent excitement on a night out or group date with your gorgeous sisters. People also use this emoji as a symbol of dancing. These bunny girls can whip out the dance floor, as some say. 

Unfortunately, it is not a twinning thing. As the original meaning came from the Japanese Bunny Girl. The concept of the Bunny Girl represents sex appeal and display in cosplay. Those dancing twins with bunny ears look stunning and spice on their outfits! 

The Praying Hands 🙏🏻

People will attach this emoji when there are things to hope for or along with biblical and prayer captions. Some also use this as a high-five symbol because it certainly forms like that! However, that’s not the real meaning of this emoji. If it’s not for prayer or a high-five symbol, then what’s the real deal? 

Otherwise called the folded hand emoji, it symbolizes apology or gratitude in Japanese culture. Does it make sense? Of course, it does, especially to Japanese people. So, arigato gozaimasu for not arguing anymore!

The Teardrop Face 😪

When someone feels blue but not sad enough to use the loudly crying face emoji, they use this emoji. However, you may have overlooked its side-tear because this is not a sad emoji. 

Yes, it’s true! Because this emoji symbolizes sleepiness. What you thought was a tear on the emoji’s cheek is a dribble. This is a sleepy drool face. A single tap of this emoji can automatically alarm your chat buddy that it’s time to sleep. Indeed, it is a realistic symbol for tiredness and sleepiness, so kindly spread the word and start using the actual meaning!

The Open Hand Emoji 👐

People usually use this emoji to reply to an offensive message, something like, “Stop, back off 👐!” But, the real meaning of this emoji is the other way around. These open palms illustrate openness or a hug and jazz hands.   

Moreover, it can also be used as an emoji to indicate a victory. It is best to use along with the caption of “surprise!”, “you did great, and you deserve a hug 👐!

The Ballerina 🙆‍♀️

The form of its hand on the top of her head looks like a ballerina; however, it is not. She is not also twirling inside your chats. This emoji is depicted as a human symbol for “OKAY.” The official name of this emoji is Woman Gesturing OKAY. It’s an alternative way to respond to conversations and more appropriate than using only the letter “K.” 

Concluding Thoughts 

Indeed, communication is not a problem with emojis. It helps to express yourself freely without explaining yourself too much. Emoji is an open translation, that’s why you should be mindful because it may confuse someone. Remember that your thoughts matter more! 

I hope you understand this article! If you do, don’t hesitate to use the real emoji meanings to keep the spark of your conversations. Visit to learn more! Happy Chatting! 

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