Top 5 Reasons to Read Zero Day by S. Hussain Zaidi

On 14th March 2022, S. Hussain Zaidi’s new book Zero Day is released by Harper Collins India. While the author’s fans are excited and looking forward to reading his new work, the buzz around this book is making many other readers get curious about his books. Reading a book by an appreciated writer needs no reason. However, for the ones still looking for that additional push, here are five reasons why you should grab a copy of Zero Day:

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Interesting Plot

When the plot of a book keeps you engaged, you know you are reading a good book – Zero Day does exactly that. The synopsis of this book grips you immediately. Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad leader Shahwaz Ali Mirza receives an email that claims to be an attack on Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS. He puts together a team that starts investigating the case, and one after the other the plot gets more twisted and keeps putting forward new challenges for Shahwaz. Will he and his team be able to save the city? This question keeps ringing in readers’ minds and makes the overall experience of reading this book wonderful.

Believable Characters

What S. Hussain Zaidi does wonderfully in this book is not make it about just one character. Yes, Shahwaz Ali Mirza is an important character in the book but Vikrant Singh is just as important. The chemistry between Shahwaz, Vikrant and Deo share is great and the dynamics between Shaina and Vikrant adds a layer to the story. These interesting characters coming together and weaving so well with the plot makes for a good enough reason to read this book.

The Suspense and Thrills

Zero Day promises enough suspense and thrill throughout. It’s not just the plot that is gripping, but also how things keep unfolding in the story, gripping you further. The author keeps uncovering layers in the narrative and keeps us hooked, looking for answers one page after the other. The storytelling skills of Zaidi is on full display here. By the time book finishes, you realise that your mind was on a roller coaster ride all along. This book’s ability to soak you in and make you think is a great reason why it should be your next read.

The Story Setting

Not many readers realise this, but the setting of the story plays an important role in how you react to the narrative. Zaidi has set this book in Mumbai. The moment you hear the name of this city, you form a grand image in your head. The plot of the book becomes so much more relatable because of the history and events this city has gone through. When there is a cyberattack in Mumbai, it becomes believable. When the Anti-Terrorism Squad goes after the terrorists and faces challenges, it feels real. This is because we have witnessed such incidents happening in this beautiful city.

The Author

S. Hussain Zaidi had a great career as an investigative journalist. He has worked with some of the best newspapers in this country. His fieldwork over the years reflects in all of his books. Some of his books have inspired popular Bollywood movies like Black Friday, Phantom and Shootout at Wadala. The world-building that he does in his stories come from real-life experiences and it’s always exciting to read a book of that nature. Zero Day, like his other books, has elements that seem to be coming from his experience in journalism which is always fascinating for a reader.

It’s not every day that a book by a proven writer gets released. Picking up this book and entering the world of its characters is a ride that you would not want to miss. It is fast-paced and engaging and has everything that you would need in a suspense thriller book.

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