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Top 5 Must Have House Furniture For 2022

2022 is nowhere, and if a home renovation is on your list of New Years’ resolutions, then why not start with grabbing some high-quality, stylish furniture?

Here is our advice on the must-have house furniture!

Start With The Basics

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of all the wonderful furniture that can really elevate your living spaces, let’s start with the essentials.

Getting a good sofa, or several, can not only provide you with the capability to host more people – they can act as the focal point for your rooms.

And sofas don’t need to be restricted to the main sitting or living room. Places like conservatories, the home office or study can really benefit from a stylish seating arrangement.

You can even try a less common arrangement such as two smaller two-seater sofas and an armchair or go for a full-length L-shape sofa. There are so many options!

Retailers such as Hampton & McMurray have a great selection to choose from – for all kinds of aesthetics and all kinds of styles.

Invest In Free Standing Lamps

People often overlook free standing lamps for fear of looking tacky, or in favour of fixed light fixtures. But a good free-standing lamp is a brilliant way to light your spaces in your own way – and they have a range of benefits.

Not like the way it is sitting in one room? Move it to another! They give you more flexibility to change your furniture layout too for when you invest in other pieces of furniture.

They can also be used to accent your main room’s aesthetic. This works very well if you have a two-tone room aesthetic.

Coffee and Side Tables

Tables are another aspect of home interior design that are hugely important. Oftentimes when designing their own rooms, people usually think about side tables or coffee tables last.

This means that when it comes to budgeting, your tables may get the rough end of the stick and the leftover budget. But if you make a conscious effort to consider them seriously, you’ll be surprised at how well they can pull a room together. 


If you are an avid bookworm, stop stacking them in the bedroom – or any spare surface you can find. Make the dedication and give them a proper home.

Or if you already have a bookshelf, why not dedicate more space in your living spaces and get a second. 

And they don’t just need to store books, they can double up as storage or display shelves.

Dining Tables

Not every home has one, but every home should. When you hear the words ‘dining table’ you may find yourself thinking about some grand table to host up to ten people. There are far more options than the huge, ornate, traditional dining tables.

A more conventional option nowadays is the fold out dining table. These tables are perfect for seating a small family but can easily open out to accommodate more people when needed. For more interesting articles, Please Visit viper play

They save space and give you a lovely place to have some family time!


So, that was our thoughts on essential furniture for 2022. It is time to give your home the overall that it deserves and now is the perfect time to do it.

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