Top 5 Daily Wear Women’s Footwear Styles

Ideally, the regular wear designs are always very formative and quite comfortable too. That is the sole reason why there are so many variations in designs and styles. These are not really super fashionable and sturdy designs. But actually, the ones that are perfect for everyday wearing. The wedding flip flops for guest provide good traction on slippery floors. In some cases, they might be wearing them for comfort as well.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of shoes, don’t be afraid to try on different styles and sizes. You may be surprised at how well a pair of shoes fit you if you take the time to try them on. You can visit the Sapphire Store in the Emporium mall to find a wide variety of footwear styles and colors.

  1. Chunky Sneaker for Woman

A sneaker design is an essential part of the purchase. Like, you can wear this one for anything and everything right. Obviously, this is perfect for a normal or a basic outfit. A pair of Denim Jeans, Trousers, Shorts and a pretty white t-shit. That is the heavenly combination for this particular shoe. 

Apart from this particular option, you can wear this one around with a pretty black dress too. Although this isn’t a very conventional combination the entire look of it reminds us of the long past standard trousseau. 

  1. Sturdy Sleeper Styled Sandals

Sleeper sandals are a new thing, and that is a really cool flat footwear that can be worn on a regular basis. Plus one can pair this with their fabulously hot pair of denim jeans, even a good-looking ethnic kurta, or even a fabulous-looking Indian Saree if you want to. 

This is a great option for outdoor footwear. Wearing a sleeper-styled sandal is always the best possible option. Most of the time, it is washable and quite comfortable too. Specifically made for people who are always on the go. 

  1. Sports Sneakers for the Walk

Sports sandals and sneakers are awesome. There is a separate fanbase for sports shoes, for people who are actually fond of wearing running shoes, and obviously some other fashionable athletic items. Some brands have exclusive designs that endorse sports shoes like Sreeleathers, PUMA, and other exclusive sports companies. 

They create some of the finest designs for people who love wearing sports sneakers on a daily basis. The benefit of wearing such shoes is primarily associated with the soft sole area and the fabulous ground friction that avoids unnecessary slippage too. 

  1. Classic Mules in the ‘Go’ 

This is also a significant flat sandal, that is worn on a regular basis. Exclusively by people, who like to cover their toes but the heel portion. The design does not necessarily cover your heel area, rather it just covers the toes. 

People who like wearing sandals with a little sleek heel down their shoes. This is their paradise, and a mule most commonly has a very beautiful heel, ranging between two centimeters to even three inches. Mules are flat ballerinas, that have no heel or back band. In fact, this sometimes resembles a half-cut ballerina shoe too. 

  1. Sandal Styled Block Heels

You know this was coming right? A block heel has to be on the list with the best footwear designs for women. In fact, this is the safest option for a simple heel but also a great one for people who prefer sandals on a daily basis. The short block heel of the shoe, and most necessarily the beautiful array of decoration on the band. 

That is exactly what makes this particular heel so special. Specifically when you are planning on a little heel for your wedding ceremony. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of footwear, that can be customized and purchased according to your desired design. Mostly, buying one would give you plenty of options for colors and obviously patterns too. 

Well, these were some of the most commonly worn footwear designs, and shoes specifically curated for women. Choose the one that suits your comfort zone, and most likely is closer to your taste pallet. Apart from this, there are many other styles that are great for daily wear shoes. But, the above-mentioned ones are the best styles from last year. 

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