Top 5 Business Ideas in Bihar for 2022

Bihar is a developing state, and people are looking to shop there. The state is well-known for its agricultural and livestock farming industries. Bihar is known for producing pulses, shoes, Masur, electrical goods, and cotton yarn. 

Aside from these initiatives, the state exports vegetables, and milk. Cotton, food grain, iron, rice, wheat, and Dalian are all imported into Patna. Bihar also has some of the best fishing grounds in India and a large cattle population. If you are willing to take a risk and start your own business, here are the five best business ideas in Bihar

Salon and Grooming Parlors

In Bihar, opening a salon is a highly profitable business plan. Bihar is currently a developing market for beauty salons. There are a few issues to consider for the success of the beauty salon business in Bihar. The initial investment is small, but location, skills, expertise, and retail operations are essential. There is a high demand for upscale salons in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gaya, and other cities.

Computer Training Institute

You could start a small institute that teaches computer courses to students. Computer institutes are in high demand in Bihar, from children to adults. You can learn new programming languages and projects here. You can also hire instructors for advanced computer courses if you have the funds. You can also collaborate with some schools or colleges to achieve better results.

Wheat Milling

Another profitable business in Bihar is wheat processing, also known as Chakki. You’ll need a location and a grain processing machine to open a wheat processing shop. The grain processing machine is inexpensive and straightforward to set up. Some may dismiss it as unimportant, but this business concept is profitable and straightforward to run. Both the investment and failure chances are low.

Transport Business

It is yet another viable business opportunity for young people in Bihar. Starting a small transportation company is not expensive, beginning with one or two vehicles. Food, vegetables, and milk can all be transported. Alternatively, you can provide cars to locals such as a cab or a bus. Freight or goods transport can also be within regional geographical locales or across cities and countries.


Starting a small and cozy restaurant in Bihar is a fantastic opportunity. The restaurants require a significant investment to establish but yield a reasonable profit after some time. It will cost around 7-10 lakhs to start a restaurant in Bihar, and you will need enough money to run the restaurant for at least a year without expecting to make a profit.

Other Small Businesses 

Fruit juice corner, Pani puri stall, beekeeping, livestock feed production, papad making, Hobby classes, a tire store, food catering, a bakery, bottled water supply, and a coaching institute, among other things.


Bihar is a growing state that will prosper in the coming years, making it an excellent place to start a business. This article contains Bihar’s small, medium, and extensive business ideas. Based on your interests, financial capability, and resources, you can select one. Click here for new business ideas in Kerala.

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