Top 5 Best Corfu Beaches to Relax and Have Fun

There is no denying in saying that Corfu is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Greece, where the majority of the people or the travelers from the world would love to land in for their holidays. It is an island located in the Ionian Sea popular for its cosmopolitan old town, beautiful landscapes and spectacular sandy beaches. The island is magical, heart-hitting, eye-candy and above all knows how to seduce people. As the island is popular for its beaches in particular, here comes a list of the best Corfu beaches.

You will find sandy, pebbly, isolated, or cosmopolitan – all kinds of beaches there. The beaches in Corfu are characterized by their diversity. All these beaches in Corfu have one thing in common – breath arresting natural landscapes.

List of the Best Corfu Beaches

The best of the eye-pleasing beaches in Corfu are listed down here.

1-     Canal d’Amour Beach, Sidari

It is undoubtedly the top beach in Corfu due to the beautiful rock formations carved by the wind and the water. The sandy beach is super popular among the tourists of the world. The name of the beach is ‘the channel of love’. It is located near Sidari village and is called a natural wonder. The beach is crowded all the time, thus if you want to extract true joys, come in the morning.

2-     Glyfada Beach

Abundant of bars and mesmerizing natural landscapes make Glyfada beach the center of attraction of all.  The beach area is eye-pleasing, as it is nestled in a sandy bay, lush hills, and pine trees. Due to its popularity, this beach is also often laced with people from all over the world, but you can nonetheless get privacy at the southernmost part of it.

3-     Ermones Beach

Located at Ermones Village, it is really alluring and well-organized beach on the west coast of Corfu. The crystal-clear water ignites the magic within you. The sandy beach with pebbles plays magic with your soul. If you are a lover of swimming and curious about underwater exploration, Ermones Beach is a treat for you.

4-     Agios Gordios Beach, Sinarades

Among the best Corfu beaches, Agios Gordios is another treat for beach lovers. The tourists and the people on holiday find it a perfect choice. The beach carries a majestic natural setting. A well-organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, Agios Gordios attracts the eyeballs. Either take a sunbath under the bright sun or dip into the water to play with the waves, the beach will accompany you thoroughly. Turquoise water and long sandy coast create magical scenery. 

5-     Paleokastritsa Beach

The beach instantly captures your breath flow and catches the eyeballs. The beach carries deep cold waters and is surrounded by tranquil countryside landscape laced. The olives add up more magic with their beauty. The beach is located in the cosmopolitan Paleokastritsa resort and offers an utter Corfu holidays experience. If you want to have true relaxation, the beach appears to be a true fit. It provides you with water sports facilities, hotels, eateries, and numerous kinds of amenities that make Paleokastritsa beach a unique and famous destination for tourists, couples, and families.

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