Top 4 Great Benefits of Commercial Sun Shade Sails for Your Business

Summer in the United States is extremely hot in some regions. The temperature becomes so hot that you won’t be able to spend quality time in your backyard. Not only the scorching sun rays will damage your eyes but also your skin. In such cases, using a high-quality sun shade sail is the only way to enjoy outdoor time. 

As the homeowner, you should purchase high-quality sun shade sails to reap its benefits. However, the sun shade sails can also prove useful for your business. Businesses with outdoor spaces such as restaurants, cafes, and boutiques can leverage the advantages of sun shade sails. Here are the top 4 great benefits of using commercial sun shade sails for your business. 

UV Protection

One of the greatest benefits of commercial sun shade sails is that they will protect your staff and customers from harmful sun rays as well as UV rays. Most of the high-quality commercial sun shade sail is crafted from high-density polyethylene or HDPE. This material not only provides 98% protection from the UV rays but also air to pass through. 

Excessive exposure to the UV-A rays and UV-B rays will cause skin diseases, premature aging, and various eye problems. As per Cancer, UV rays can cause eye problems. Hence, make sure you install a top-quality shade sail in your store to protect your customers, especially elderly people and children. 

Reduced Power Consumption

To protect their customers and staff from potential heatstroke, many business owners turn on the air conditioner at its maximum capacity. This is why the power consumption is high during summer. However, you can reduce the power consumption rate by using a commercial sun shade sail as it cools the covered area. Not to mention, you can save your operational cost. 

A sun shade sail will last more than 10 years. But the lifespan is highly dependent on the quality of the installation as well as the weather conditions. Hence, you can leverage its benefits for years. However, make sure you’re purchasing your commercial shade sail from a reputed company. 

Property Preservation

Most people assume that UV rays are dangerous only for living things. However, apart from the ecosystems and living things, UV rays are also capable of damaging non-living things. Open parking spots with high exposure to sun rays will cause damage to the paint job of the car. Additionally, carpets that are exposed directly to sunlight will fade quickly. The fiber of the carpet will also lose its strength. 

Research proved that UV rays also damage the chemical and mechanical properties of other non-living materials such as polyester, plastic, and glass. So, purchase a commercial sun shade sail and place your belongings under it. 

Improved Ventilation

Have you ever purchased a heavy-duty canopy tent for your business? Even though they are extremely effective at blocking the sun rays, but the covered area becomes dry and humid. The poor ventilation in the outdoor space is caused due to the material and design of the cover. 

Luckily, sun shade sails are crafted from knitted fabric that has tiny holes that enhance air circulation. The commercial shade sails are also available in various designs. 


Commercial sun shade sails are extremely versatile as well as multi-functional. You can install them in the party venue, meeting place, playground, barbeque area, and much more to utilize their benefits. And if you’re running out of design ideas, contact us for suggestions.

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