Top 12 Beautiful Daughter’s Day Poems From Mother ( 2021)

Daughters are the true splendour and elegance of one’s house. When the children marry and move away, their moms understand how important they are. Before your daughters leave, give them something to remember you by. We’ve compiled a list of some lovely daughters’ day poems in english to make her day special and unforgettable. 

Special Poems For Daughters

Poem #1

One perfect day that I’ll never forget

One bit of discomfort I’ll never regret

One simple cry, you entered the world

My precious child.  My little girl.

These ties no one can sever.

I’ll love you forever.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #2

This is my hope.

This is my prayer.

Whenever you need me

I’m always there

I love you like no other.

Your hero. Your mother.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #3

Every morning awake

I’m thankful for my little girl.

For the joy that you brought to my life.

And the love that you brought to my world.

You’ll always be dear to my heart.

From it, you will never part.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

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Poem #4

My Daughter, you are so precious to me.

Your laughter and joy are all that I need.

The older you grow

The more you should know.

That my love for you

Is forever true.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #5

You are my child.

You fill me with pride.

You fill me with joy.

You fill me with love.

You fill me, and I’m never empty.

With you love is always plenty.

Happy Daughter’s Day

to my cute princess!

Poem #6

Remember those days

When you and I would laugh and dance?

And now that you are grown

I really wish I had the chance.

To do it all over again

And let the dance begin.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #7

When you smile, it makes me melt

You will never know how I felt

as I held you for the very first time

And realized that you were mine.

And you always will be.

for all of eternity.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #8

Late nights talking to you on the phone

Wishing that our house was still your phone

But now you have kids of your own.

Time has gone fast and you’re grown.

I’m proud of you though.

Whatever you do and wherever you go.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #9

My Daughter, My Love

My gift from above

You’ll change the world

For all boys and girls

And I’ll be there to see

How great you will be

Poem #10

Each second.  Each step.

Each moment.  Each breath.

Each hour.  Each test.

Each day.  Each success.

You’re okay. Take your time.

You’ll be great and you’ll do fine.

Poem #11

The affection of a father is, daughter,

The treasure of a mother is, daughter,

A unique gift of the universe is, daughter,

The sweet melody of a song is, daughter,

A symbol of love and happiness is, daughter,

A daughter is a gem, precious for father,

So, this daughter’s day let them blossom.

Poem #12

You are an angel, my dear, an angel you’re to us,

An angel who has been sent from heaven on earth.

You were wrapped in silver paper and placed in a beautiful basket,

You looked like this lovely jewel or a diamond placed in a casket.

God sent you to us and we promised him we’ll treat you right,

‘coz you were a gift sent to us under the stars in the moonlight.

We love you little daughter, ‘coz you’re an angel from heaven.

Hope you found these heart-warming poems for your daughters helpful. Now make her day by reciting these poems in front of her and wait to see a big smile on her face. Happy Daughters’ Day!

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