Top 10 Trending Models of Cotton Tops for Women in 2021

From short tops to long kurtis, the cotton fabric has become one of the most favourite and evergreen fabric liked by women, at all seasons. Though there are perfect for summers, cotton tops for women have been ideal to wear even during a casual outdoor visit or formal meetings to represent its elegance and style. From plain simple solid colors, to striped, and floral prints, the designs in cotton ladies dresses are plenty, among which we shall see some of the top 10 trending designs in this year:

  1. Classic white cotton shirt – white the class color is one that never goes out of style, no matter what the trend is. These days, white solid shirt paired with black ankle length pleated skirts have come one of the eye-catching dresses of Indian fusion wear. No matter which all colors you have, white is a must color you need to have in your wardrobe. Whether you need to look cute like a teenager wearing the white shirt and black skirt or that you need to give that bold look by pairing white cotton top with blue jeans, classic and style is what you get from this model.
  2. Checked pattern cotton tops for women – from solid colors, here we go to the printed styles, where checked pattern is most popular among ladies, as it gives more of a bold and beautiful look. A checked shirt paired with jeans is an ideal casual wear outlook that creates a fashion statement as well. Choosing a full sleeve shirt with the right color combination of these check patterns can add more elegance and beauty.     
  3. Formal cotton shirts/tops for women – now that we had a glance at the casual wear here’s this purely formal wear cotton shirts for women, which is ideal to wear for office meetings and presentations. If you work in a big corporate, where there is a formal dress code, then b executive cotton shirts are the must-have dress in your wardrobe. Whether it’s a striped shirt or a plain shirt, formal cotton shirts fit perfectly well on your body. 
  4. Floral print cotton tops – floral prints have gained huge demand these days, as it makes look more comfortable and easy going for all occasions. Be it an occasional family gathering or an outing with your friends, floral print cotton tops are super comfy and gives you that breeziness when wearing. With appealing colors and contrast floral prints, these tops give an extra edge and make you look more feminine and peaceful. 
  5. Collared cotton tops for women – collared cotton tops, though they were outdated trend , even today, these tops are preferred by women who wish to wear an ethnic formal wear to their office or to attend an interview.  With high neck collars, these ladies dresses online are stitched in high quality cotton fabric to make it look chic and elegant. 
  6. Tunic cotton tops – tunics have been lately one of the most preferred ladies dresses online. A tunic cotton top is a knee-length top that suits almost all kinds of body types. It is very comfortable to wear and allows air coming in, making it super comfy and easy to wear. Tunic tops come in different cuts and patterns, from embroidery to printed patterns, to help you slay in style. 
  7. Embroidered cotton tops – another classy and evergreen patterned top for women is the embroidered cotton tops that never goes out of style. These are ladies dresses where embroidery work is seen around the neck and ends. But sometimes, the embroidery work can be seen throughout the dress as well, in golden thread work and contrast colors matching the cotton fabric, making it ideal to wear for summer weddings. 

Final words:

Cotton tops are not just confined to Indian style wear. It’s one of the universally accepted ladies dress that come in all shapes, colors, and patterns. Whether it’s an official meeting with the client, or a family function to attend, cotton tops are available in different stylish patterns these days, with trending designs, that come nowadays with cigarette pants or leggings, to give that ultimate look. 

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