Tips to Master the Art of Possum Removal Services

Learn how to use the techniques of possum removal services to get rid of these creatures. These methods include chemical repellents, Caged traps, and nesting boxes. However, if you want to be completely safe, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. Here are 10 useful tips to help you master the art of possum removal services. Read on to discover how to use these methods in your own home or business.

Trapping possums

Possums have an interesting lifestyle, and it can be a bit frustrating to find them in your home. They can destroy your home or garden, leaving you with a mess to clean up. If you are unable to trap a possum yourself, you can contact wildlife trappers for help. Possums are known for their long, rat-like snouts and ragged tails. If you believe your home is infested, call a professional wildlife trapper to help get rid of the problem.

If you decide to use a trap yourself, be sure to follow all state regulations. Possums are not rabies-infected animals. They are great tick hunters and help control tick populations. However, they may have become a nuisance in residential neighborhoods because they often attack chickens and small fowl. Nevertheless, you should always keep possums away from your property. You should not leave food for pets outside at night, because they will come and find it, causing more problems.

Chemical repellents

Possums are notorious for constructing nests under houses. Professional Possum removal services can get rid of these critters using chemical repellents. Possums use urine to mark their territory and a chemical based on predator urine will keep these animals away. Poison sprays that mimic predator urine contain ammonia and can cause a burning sensation in the animal’s mouth. Those with allergies to ammonia may want to consider a chemical repellent.

Another option is molasses. This is an easy-to-make solution that is easy to make. You can mix molasses with a potassium-based detergent or even natural dish soap. Both these substances will make the repellent more sticky and last longer. You should also note that molasses may not be compatible with certain plants. This repellent can also work as a mothball, though it doesn’t have the advantage of attracting moths.

Nesting boxes

Possums are adorable animals that can damage your home and cause extensive noise. Using a possum removal service is a smart move if you need to prevent a possum infestation from recurring. Alternatively, you can set up a homemade possum box made from a hollow log. Make sure it is waterproof and placed at least 4 to 5 metres above ground.

Possums will leave a lot of droppings around their nesting box. They eat a variety of foods and the poop they leave behind resembles that of a small or medium dog. These droppings are generally brown in color and may be covered in mold growth. Opposite to human feces, opossum poop often curls into a ball shape with smooth sides.

Caged traps

The first step in possum removal is to locate the animal’s den. Depending on where the animal is living, a trap may be placed near the entrance, in the attic, crawlspace, or under a porch. Use your intuition and place the cage on an even surface five feet away from the entrance. Once the opossum is inside the trap, set the trap door to close.

If you are trying to catch an opossum by yourself, you can use a live raccoon trap. Make sure to get one that is at least 32 inches long and 12 inches wide to catch a mature possum. Then, monitor the trap frequently and remove the opossum when it arrives in the morning. This can be quite a challenging job, so don’t be discouraged.


Possum removal isn’t difficult and it’s easier than you think. Opossums are easy to trap and move on after two to three days if they don’t have to be caught. If you’ve trapped more than two opossums, you should hire a possum removal service. Possums will often move on within a day without human intervention, but you can take steps to prevent future opossum problems.

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