Tips To Find The Perfect Preschool For Your Child

Although not mandatory, pre-schools, also known as nursery schools, play an indispensable role in a child’s development. It is usually a child’s primary foray outside the protective confines of its parents. It’s, therefore, imperative that a preschool be an extension of the home for a child, i.e., the child should feel at home and be taken care of, and the environment at a preschool is conducive to the well-being of the child. Preschools in Adelaide, for example, fosters children by providing a holistic approach to growth, learning and care. 

Preschool in Adelaide

There are varied preschool forms where parents can send their toddlers to ensure that their toddlers get a healthy exposure before school. There are different preschool models, such as private pre-schools, co-op preschools and transitional kindergartens. Pre-schools such as City-West child care centre, Faith Montessori centre and Cumberland preschool kindergarten – aim at providing a qualitative and unparalleled conducive and supportive environment for growth, development and warmth for toddlers. Activities such as outdoor play, exploring nature, excursions, and problem-solving are a few of the many activities these pre-schools engage with the toddlers. 

Selecting a pre-school

Since preschool is essentially the child’s first exposure to the outside world, it wants the parents to very diligently and meticulously select a school to send their toddlers to. Thus, numerous factors should be adhered to or at least paid attention to concerning a preschool. 

Understand the needs of a child 

It is important for the parents to know their child and gauge what kind of pre-school model would be most suitable for their child’s nurturing. 

Visit the preschool before enrolling 

Parents should ideally be personally visiting preschools to adjudge the environment and methodology they utilize. The pre-school faculty must be aware of their expertise and are qualified. A good teacher-to-child ratio should be considered to ensure that the children get personal attention. 

Quality of staff and faculty

Teachers should have a positive aura, should be passionate about child care and must be engaging with the kids. There should be a good balance of work, play and nap time. Toddlers get exhausted, and thus, the module must be a good balance of all such elements. 

Hygiene maintenance 

A preschool should be nurturing and clean, and hygienic, as children are more susceptible and more given to infections. Importance should also be given to factors such as whether the pre-school is accredited, the location of the pre-school and the goodwill it has in the market. The philosophy of the preschool and the background of its founders should also be paid heed to.

Types of Preschool approaches

Preschools in Adelaide follow distinctive approaches or methodologies, and it is for the parents to decide what methodology would be the most promising for their child. Montessori education, a model which Dr Maria Montessori founded, focuses on the independence of the child, respect for the toddler’s psychological, social and physical development and freedom within boundaries. 

Precious cargo schools follow the same approach. The Reggio Emilia approach involves a mix of two or other forms of instruction – which encourages children to discover themselves through symbols. 

The Highscope Approach – where the faculties only assist and don’t teach children. They merely assist children in making plans for the day. 

Finally, the Waldorf or the Steiner approach believes in the concept of “circle time”, i.e., where children sit in groups to chant rhymes and learn from each other. 


Although not necessary, pre-schools, including pre-schools in Adelaide, play an insurmountable and unmatchable role in a child’s growth. Gone are the days when rote learning was the order of the day. These times call for street-smartness, and pre-schools, with their holistic approach and astute combination of activities, ensure that the children become ready for school and go ahead a step by providing avenues of growth and development of their mental faculty, emotional spirit and arcane thought processes. Thus, in my opinion, parents should consider sending their toddlers to preschoolers as they provide a strong base for the children in their arduous journey ahead.

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