Tips To Avoid Suspension Of Your Amazon Account

Selling products on Amazon is a great way of serving the large customer base that Amazon offers with enhanced brand content. So naturally, this is very beneficial for a company if done right. However, according to a well-reputed Amazon consultant, there lies a reasonable chance of abrupt suspension of a seller’s Amazon account if there is any complaint against the products or the services. A suspension is either issued on a particular product where selling of that product becomes prohibited, or the entire account can be suspended where the seller is banned from selling on Amazon. 

The suspension of an account is frequently preceded by a warning notification from Amazon, which states the problem faced by the customer and the corresponding ASIN number of the faulty product. Suspension can be prevented if proper actions are taken after the warning; if not, then the account will be banned. 

Here, we will learn about the main reasons for suspension and the different ways an Amazon consultant suggests to prevent the suspension of your Amazon account. 

What causes the suspension of an Amazon account?

There are many different causes responsible for the suspension of an Amazon account, and they are as follows.

  • Poor seller performance –  Amazon monitors every seller’s activities and monitors the customer reviews. If the system notices sellers that are either idle or are providing poorer services when compared to other sellers, then it can lead to suspension. 
  • Counterfeit products – Amazon takes the authenticity of products very seriously. If there are any reviews regarding a seller selling counterfeit products claiming them to be originals, then it can lead to immediate suspension. 
  • Not following Amazon’s policies – Amazon provides all kinds of policies to maintain the best interest of their customers. Policies like product returns and order cancellation should be followed properly to prevent suspension. 

How to avoid suspension on Amazon?

Suspension of business can badly affect the seller’s reputation and can damage their business growth. So to prevent suspension, there are a few steps that Amazon consultant bodies recommend. These steps are as follows, 

  • Maintain proper documentation – Documentation consists of all the seller’s credentials and is often referred to by Amazon while conducting systematic checkups. Keeping it up to date is important for preventing suspension. 
  • Beware of policies and follow them – Read the policies set by Amazon and keep yourself ready with the new changes that are being issued. 
  • Replace products that attract negative reviews – Products that are prone to get damaged during delivery or perishable in some form should be avoided if a proper delivery facility is not available. 
  • Use keywords properly while listing – Using unrelated keywords can misdirect customers, triggering the Amazon algorithms to think that the seller is misusing the search tools on the platform, which can lead to suspension. 


Amazon suspensions mainly happen when there is some negative review from the customer. However, this doesn’t happen abruptly, as Amazon provides a warning before a complete suspension. Following the steps mentioned above will help you avoid Amazon suspensions while carrying out your business on Amazon. 

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