TikTok Analytics to Check Into When Finding Influencers

So, you’re looking to partner with TikTok influencers to promote your brand via social media. Fantastic! While Instagram influencers remain the most popular people to work with for influencer marketing, TikTok is rapidly getting there, so you’re making a good choice.

However, when you decide to locate TikTok designers for your next campaign, how will you decide which one to select? What is it that makes one creator more effective than others? We’ve put together the TikTok analytics that you should consider prior to choosing your social media partners.

The number of followers

Although the number of followers may not be the primary indicator of the success of an influencer in 2021, it is still important. The follower count of a TikToker can give you an estimate of their reach, or, in other words, how many people will potentially view their content.

Second, the number of followers affects influencer prices. The higher the number of followers an influencer has, the more they’ll cost brand partners for their collaborations.

In evaluating followers, check whether the influencer has experienced any sudden increase in followers. It could be due to an event that went viral or a partnership with a different influencer with an even larger number of followers. In the absence of any rational reason, sudden increases in followers may indicate that the influencer has bought fake followers.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate measures an influencer’s connection to their followers. If an influencer is able to maintain a high level of engagement is a sign that their audience trusts them and appreciates their content. Many marketers believe that the engagement rate is more important than the number of followers today.

Different marketers measure engagement rates differently. For TikTok there are some who choose to include views as engagements, and others who only measure interactions, such as likes and comments. We would recommend the latter, as you can analyze views apart.

To determine engagement rate, add the number of interactions per post, then divide it by the number of followers, and then multiply by 100. Repeat this process for different posts to determine an average.

If influencers have an extremely high level of engagement, this can be leveraged by brands when launching campaigns. If followers have a high degree of confidence in an influencer and their content, they’re more likely to be drawn to the brands the influencer endorses.

Average views per video

Alongside engagement, consider the average amount of views per video. This will tell you the amount of people who see an influencer’s work. To figure it out, take a look at the number of viewers an influencer receives from a selection of videos, then calculate the average.

Be aware that you don’t need to follow an individual on TikTok to find their videos. It is possible that users discover content from influencers on their home screens or via their Discover page.

This is the reason looking at only how many followers could be misleading. When estimating the number of people who will see the campaign content you develop with an influencer, look at this number together with the number of followers.

Video frequency and their most recent video

You can also look up the date when an influencer last posted a video. You should select someone who is still active on TikTok. Sometimes, life gets in the way and an influencer won’t post for a week or due to their busy schedules. 

However, if you find that an influencer isn’t posting in a couple of weeks or months, you might want to think about different collaborators.

Also, take a look at the influencer’s posting frequency. If an influencer post very frequently, your brand will have less prominence at the top of their profile. Also, if they post many branded videos, this could mean that your brand becomes just another brand on their profile and the followers ignore you.

Content quality, type and design

This is not really analytical because you’re not able to evaluate it in a quantitative way. It’s nevertheless worth noting, since it’s an important factor in deciding on the right influencers to use in the TikTok campaigns.

Check out the content of the creator. You’ll want to select someone who is able to produce high-quality videos. This means they should possess at least basic equipment and editing knowledge. Lots of people record TikToks on their phones, but you want to make sure video quality is up to your standards.

Additionally, do their posts align with what your brand is all about? Influencers should post in the same arena as your brand, whether that is as broad as lifestyle, or as specific as vegan slow fashion.

Lastyly, does the influencer’s style match yours? You don’t need to be a perfect aesthetic match. But In order to make your collaboration appear as authentic as it can be, find people whose styles complement yours.


These are the fundamental TikTok analytics you should be looking at when trying to find influencers for the marketing campaign you are planning. Whatever method you employ to discover influencers, be sure to put in the time and effort to do this little bit of research and ensure that you’re selecting the best possible collaborators for your business.

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