This Is What to Do if Someone Rear Ends You

Did you know that about 77% of drivers have been in at least one car accident? If you drive 1,000 miles, your chances of getting into a car accident are 1 in 366.

You can have the best driving skills and focus on the road. You can’t control if someone isn’t paying attention and they rear end you.

Since the odds are pretty high that you’ll get into an accident, you should know what to do if someone rear ends you. The steps you take after an accident could have ramifications down the road.

Keep reading to find out the steps you should take after a rear end collision.

1. Check on Others Involved

You got into a car accident. It’s a scary moment. Take a deep breath and remain calm. Make sure that everyone else involved in the accident is OK.

Check yourself, other people in your car, and then check on people in other vehicles involved.

If at all possible, move the cars to the side of the road, where it’s safer.

2. Call the Police

You still want to find some help from the authorities after a car accident. Some states don’t require a police officer at the scene of an accident if no one is injured or if there is minor damage to the vehicles.

Even if it’s not required, it’s a good idea to file a police report. Some injuries and damages aren’t apparent until days after the accident.

A police report is an important document to have if you need to file a car accident claim.

3. Exchange Information

While you’re waiting for the police to appear at the scene, document as much as you can of the accident. Take pictures, notes, and have as many details of the accident as possible.

Don’t say much to them about what happened.

You could say that it’s your fault and not realize it.

4. Reach Out to an Attorney

You should contact a personal injury attorney. They know the steps you need to take and the documents you need if you need to recover damages.

Waiting too long to make this call could make it harder to prove your case.

5. Contact Insurance

Your insurance company needs to know that you were involved in an accident. Some rear end collisions are so minor that you and the other driver might agree to let it go.

Don’t do that because you could violate your insurance policy. The company could still learn about the accident.

When you do contact the insurance company, let them record the call. Don’t tell them that you’re physically OK until you’ve been evaluated by a doctor.

Knowing What to Do if Someone Rear Ends You

There’s a good chance you’ll get into an accident sometime during your lifetime. Knowing what to do if someone rear ends you guarantees that you’ll remain calm and take the right actions.

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