The Top Gifts for a Beer Enthusiast

Most of us have at least one beer enthusiast in our lives and, though they love the beer, they so seldom have the kit to go along with it. Whether you wrap up their favorite tipple in beer bottle gift packs or you opt for something beer related, there’s a wide array of beer gifts available on the market. 

Beer has always been a popular choice of alcoholic beverage, but it has since become trendier, thanks to the emergence of craft beer. As a result, we find ourselves on the hunt for beer gifts for people of all ages. Read on to find some gift inspiration for the beer enthusiast in your life. 

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Firstly, if your recipient is a fan of bottled beer, the likelihood is they’ll need a bottle opener. Although they’re predominantly practical, bottle openers can be really fun, too. You can buy ones that mount on a wall with a tray underneath to catch the caps for convenience. Alternatively, your recipient might appreciate a magnetic one so that they can reach for the beer in the fridge and the bottle in tandem. On the other hand, your recipient might be a fan of a beloved character with a catchphrase; well, there are many bottle openers in the shape of characters that speak when used.  


Not everyone is keen on drinking directly from a bottle or a can, and some people have draught beer kegs in their home. As a result, another great gift for a beer lover is glassware. You might get them the branded glasses of their favorite beer or even engraved glassware to make it slightly more personal. Whatever you choose, they’re sure to get plenty of use out of it, and it shows that you put thought and care into their gift. Be sure to pay attention to the shape of the glass that you choose, as avid beer drinkers can be picky about how the glass affects the taste. 


Perhaps your recipient likes to have a beer on the beach and needs something that can transport their beer and keep it cool at the same time. In this case, a cooler is the perfect option. You might get them an entire cool bag that holds an entire crate, or you may go for a cooler beer holder in which they can drink one cold beer. Whichever you choose, any keen beer drinker knows that their beer needs to be icy cold before they drink it. Consequently, you can’t go wrong with any type of cooler, especially for the tandem beer drinker and adventurer.


Something that might not instantly spring to mind when you’re on the hunt for beer-themed gifts is clothing. Despite this, many beer brands also sport attire and many independent brands come up with clever slogans and designs that keen beer enthusiasts would be happy to wear. Take a look online and you’re sure to be presented with a smorgasbord of options, and you’re sure to find something that suits the style of your recipient.


Last but not least is books. If the beer enthusiast is interested in more than just the drinking of beer, a book might just be the perfect gift. Such books include those that detail the making of beer, the beer capitals of the world, and what aromas to look out for in your tipple. A nice book is one of the best ways that you can remain informed on a subject, so you might take a special occasion as an opportunity to add to your recipient’s bookshelf. 


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